Goat Sitting in Lyons, Oregon

Welcome to the Farm! We arrived early in the day to our house sit in Lyons, Oregon. For those who don’t know, it is a small town surrounded mostly by farms. I guess since it barely had a grocery store it might not qualify as a town. When we wanted food, we had to drive …

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Touring Northeastern Oregon

  Day 15 – It’s Almost Over! Up early again to a frigid 38 degrees. Burrrr. Hey, isn’t this summer? We headed east on the road past the ski area at Anthony Lake and then down out of the mountains to the little town of Ukiah – nothing going on there but farms and ranches. …

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Roaming Through Idaho to Oregon

  We’re Up to Day #13 For reasons we wrote about in our last post, we were delighted to get out of Montana and into Idaho. For several years we’ve had a testy relationship with Idaho: though parts are lovely and friends tell us how much they love it, we’ve always seemed to be in …

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A Nightmare in Montana

Day #12 of the Big Trip! There weren’t many choices when leaving Glacier National Park headed to Oregon. It was either drive west toward Spokane, Washington and then into Oregon or go south in Montana and then through Idaho. We flipped a coin, and it landed on heads. But we couldn’t remember which direction heads …

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Glacier National Park – The West Side

  Day 10 of Our Big Trip! We woke up early and at that elevation in Glacier National Park even in summer, it was freezing, there weren’t any bugs, but it was damn cold. Too cold to hang around – so off we went banging through the washboard dirt road to the highway. We decided …

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