8 Natural Remedies – Colds and Injuries

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We’re on the road a lot, and on our own, a lot and when looking at something beautiful isn’t enough to cure you, it’s time for outside intervention. We’re not young puppies anymore and have to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of the puppies, no matter what happens.

Here’s the list of our top eight medicines and remedies; we love and use all of them. If you have read some of our posts, you might have guessed already that they are all natural remedies and medicines; herbal and homeopathic. Ranking them by importance didn’t work – the cold remedies are important, who wants to be sick, but the ones for injuries are equally important. 

bottle of massage oil

Arnica Massage Oil by Weleda

Sore Muscles – Weleda Massage Oil  

First and foremost, don’t let the name fool you. It is much more than a simple massage oil. One of the main ingredients is Arnica which helps heal injuries such as sore muscles, bumps, bruises, etc. This oil is truly miraculous! I have used it for most of my life, and we always have it with us.

It is pricey, but lasts a long time and is worth every penny. Mostly we use it when we get a sore back or shoulders. Just rub it on and leave it, about an hour later the pain is about 90% gone. The only time it didn’t work was when I had frozen shoulder.

Everyone should have this oil! It’s excellent for children, too. Of course, one can use it as a massage oil; it might improve the effects of the massage. Most of the time we don’t have a masseuse around, and the oil does just fine.

bottle of Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy

Stressed – Rescue Remedy

This is truly a remarkable cure! In times of acute stress or panic (when we remember at the moment), we spray it under our tongue or dilute a few drops in a cup of water. Within a few minutes, we realize the ‘panic’ is gone, and we have regained emotional control of ourselves (okay, Jim never needs it – just for me.)

It works in a subtle way, and like magic; really and truly. We carry it everywhere. It works for children and animals as well. The real problem with Rescue Remedy is that when you need it, you are so unbalanced that you don’t think about taking it.

We understand this may all seem silly if using natural remedies is new to you. Bach Flower Essences are a strange idea for some. However, even if it is a placebo effect, it works (and we don’t buy that theory). We’ve seen it work on children and animals, and they don’t know about the placebo effect!

Oscillococcinum by Boiron

Oscillococcinum by Boiron

Have a Cold – Oscillococcinum 

This is a natural remedy you take at the first sign of a cold to stop it dead in its tracks. I use it when my throat starts hurting (usually the first sign of a cold). Other times the first symptom is a lot of sneezing, so I take the remedy, and don’t get sick!

The key is catching it early; a couple of times I waited and took it after several hours of a sore throat and still became ill. So, we try to take it right away for it to work its magic; sometimes two doses are necessary. It is quite expensive, but if it saves us from needing to use other medicines, and tons of tissues and misery, it’s worth the cost. 

Gaia Throat Shield Spray

Gaia Throat Shield Spray

Sore Throat – Throat Shield Spray

This is a new remedy for us as we found it about a year ago. We don’t have years and years of use with this medication, but it has worked well every time we’ve used it. When I get sick, the sore throat is the worst part for me, so I’ve tried many natural remedies. This works well, and we intend to keep it around. They say gargling with salt water works, but it tastes awful, and I’d rather have a sore throat than deal with that!

Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea

Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea

Throat Coat Tea 

While we’re on the subject of colds, this tea is excellent (at least for us) for sore throats. It tastes terrible, (the Slippery Elm) but it helps a lot. Often you need to drink more than one cup to do much good, but it seems worth it. If we don’t have any Oscillococcinum and do get a sore throat full-bore, this tea is crucial for dealing with it.

Arnica Ointment

Arnica Ointment by Weleda

Getting a Bruise – Arnica Ointment

This is the best; everyone should use it! If you have young children around it’s even more important, as they are constantly bumping some body part and falling. Arnica is for bumps and bruises where there is no broken skin. I have used Arnica for my entire life and would never part with it.

We have tried other Arnica creams at the health food store and found them pathetic compared to Weleda’s. Maybe it is because the Arnica is grown Bio-Dynamically or harvested during a particular phase of the moon, or whatever, but in our experience, other brands do not measure up. 

Its effectiveness is directly related to how soon after the injury it is applied; in other words, the sooner, the better. There is also a tincture which is difficult to get (given our governments’ fear of natural remedies). As far as I’ve been able to tell, you can only get it directly from Weleda. However, if you can get it, it is even more effective than the cream.

Natural Remedies Weleda Calendula Ointment

Weleda Calendula Ointment

Have a Cut – Calendula Ointment 

Calendula is another one of our favorites. It is a fabulous medicine for injuries with broken skin such as cuts and scratches. Somebody gets a scratch or cut, slather it on and cover it, and you are good to go. In our experience, the Weleda brand is far superior to others. Note – Be careful using it on splinters unless you know the splinter is out, as it will seal in the splinter. Yes, it heals skin that quickly.

Weleda makes cream and a tincture; the tincture is even more effective than the cream for deeper wounds but is hard to find. The cream is excellent for everyday injuries. With some cuts, it can sting for a moment when first applied. If there is a significant cut, one that may need stitches, the cream can’t be used; you need the tincture. Over the years, we have watched Calendula close many a nasty wound!

Weleda Burn Care Ointment

Weleda Burn Care Ointment

Bee Sting or a Burn – Burn Care 

This medicine is for burns (even sunburn) bee stings and mosquito bites. The cream for minor burns and bites/stings and the tincture for more severe burns. Back in the day, the cream was truly a cream; now it is a gel, and not quite as effective as it used to be. However, it is still a terrific remedy. Once dried the gel creates a coating on the skin, almost like when Elmer’s glue dries on your hand. 

Usually, you do need to apply it more than once and keeping it covered with a Band-aid or gauze helps even more. When using the tincture, a good soaking or a compress is very effective.

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Sorry, the photos might not do the products justice, but that’s what we have, (they are almost empty). And no, we don’t get sponsorship fees for this.

There you have it, our most important natural remedies and medicines! Jim’s go to remedy is coffee, for whatever ails you: heavy doses all day starting before sunrise. I don’t drink coffee, never have, so this seems weird and exotic: truly an alternative treatment!  

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