A Brief Nature Fix


thick, long lichen covering a tree

Is it incredible or what!

We were still newbies to Oregon. Perhaps, coming so recently from dry Southern California (is that redundant?) we were easily impressed by what is run-of-the-mill in wet and green Oregon, even though locals swear there’s a drought!

Most of the photos here were taken in rest areas! Side-of-the-road, stop-and-stretch spots, on minor roads at that. The amazing part is that there aren’t dozens of people in these places. So many times we stop to look at something and we’re the only humans for miles around.

Maybe it reflects how wonderful the real places are, you know, the ones that people here actually visit. These are just places on the way to places.

ferns and trees in a forest

We had read about a spot called Munson Falls and thought we’d check it out. Since it was summer, the falls were not spectacular but some of the scenery was gorgeous!

a path through a forest of trees and moss

A wild cucumber plant

A wild cucumber plant – nonedible

Tiny White Flowers in Oregon

Not sure what these are…

Jim called it the “oops – thanks” plant: curious flying bugs wonder what’s up in there. They go in, look around a bit and get stuck in some goo. The bugs say “oops” and the plant says “thanks.”

many large clover plants

Those leaves were huge

Another day we checked out HB Van Duzer Forest Corridor. Really, it’s a little rest stop on the road to the coast. It was incredibly beautiful and all right there!

a river flowing with trees in the background

Makes you want to jump in, right?

a large tree with all it's branches covered in moss

Oh yeah, and trees covered in moss

We decided this tree was showing off, kind of rubbing it in on all the dry pine trees in the world. “I have moss in places other trees don’t even have places!

Close up of two branches completely covered in long moss

Spectacular, if you love moss like we love moss

It might not be easy to tell from the photos, but these trees, all the branches, leaves, and moss, are saturated with dew: if you bump them it rains on you.

Now if you want to go looking for moss…well, that’s another story for another post. Let’s just leave it at this: in western Oregon, you can see moss like you’ve never seen moss if you’re from Southern California.  

What’s Next – Our journey to Colorado begins

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