Cats, a Cape, and Flowers Galore

a sunrise over a lake

First, a couple of sunrise photos for your viewing pleasure! These are at the nearby Devils Lake.

a colorful sunrise over a lake

Trying to get good sunrise and sunset photographs was part of our daily routine for a while. We were always searching for the best spots! It turned out to be quite the challenge since there was a mountain range to the east of us and the ocean was often too cloudy.

a woman working at a computer with a cat in the wayOur Feline Companions

See, you are trying to work on your blog, and there she is – I want attention – I’m lonely – I need love – please don’t ignore me! 

Cats licking each other

Can you tell? There are three cats on my lap sleeping or wanting some morning grooming. I can’t tell you how often this happened. If I sat on the recliner or couch, within a minute, I had those three critters all vying for the perfect spot.

Cat playing with a bucket of water

I told you this girl loved water! I put this bucket out to collect rain water for the indoor plants. Whenever it wasn’t raining, she would come outside and play in this bucket. Once when it was almost empty, she got inside it. When she was done, did she lick her paws? No! She didn’t care one bit! Very unusual for a cat. 

She’s a funny one, right!

cat sleeping by a sunny window

As spring approached, the sun shone more often, and that’s when this lady would sleep on the cat perch. She only slept there when the sun was shining on it through the window which wasn’t for very long. 

close up of a cat sleeping

Cat Number Three

We all know cats sleep a lot, and maybe I was beginning to go crazy cooped up with the cats for so long, but I started taking photos of him sleeping. I found him to be so exquisitely beautiful.a fluffy cat lying on it's back in the sun

When the sun was shining, this guy never went on the cat perch; he slept outside on the patio right in the sun. Well, first he rolled around a lot. We haven’t mentioned that none of the cats ever tried to scale the fence on the balcony. Their owner had made it nearly impossible. They also never tried to get out the front door, ever!

a cat sitting on chair close up

Cat Number Four

Given this guy’s temperament and challenging relations with his feline housemates, he was often relegated to sleeping on the top of the rocking chair or in the back bedroom. I never saw him lying out in the sun, not once. Even though we were friends by now, he didn’t go out much as he seemed afraid of us going in and out, it was strange.

Four cats on a chair

It took a few months, but eventually, I got all five cats in a photograph! You have to look closely in the distance for Bashful. That’s as close as she would get. To say I was always covered in cat fur would be an understatement!

a cat sitting watchfully

Last But Not Least

This little girl, I felt so sorry for her. She only had physical contact with one living creature, ever! I spent a lot of time sitting and talking to her. She would sit like that and listen to me, blink her eyes slowly and keep on looking at me.

I started tossing treats towards her as well. Eventually, she got to the point where she would eat those treats before I left. Most times she would wait until I left before eating them. It was all I could do to give her affection; it was difficult for me to witness day after day.

grass, bushes, flowers, and trees in a garden

Our Favorite Place

We haven’t told you about our favorite place in Lincoln City! A neighborhood garden – free – open all year and run by volunteers – Connie Hanson Garden. In between hail storms and rain, we would visit to see the which plants were budding or sprouting. Many of the flower photos you’ve seen in our posts were taken there. It was a magical place indeed.light pink rhododendron bud

It changed from week to week as the different plants blossomed. The most abundant plants there were rhododendrons. They were everywhere, all different colors and many were very tall. Almost every time we visited we were the only people there. Maybe because it was winter?

close up of light pink rhododendron flowers

Seriously, are they gorgeous or what! I loved that place.

close up of bright yellow rhododendron flowers

Into the Woods! 

I often looked for interesting places nearby and stumbled upon a place called Drift Creek. Well, we found the road and started driving! We drove and drove up and around mountains for at least two hours and saw a lot of trees on the small mountain road!

a small mountain road surrounded by trees

At one point while ascending what did we see coming around a tight corner? This massive logging truck. Oh, my God, how are we both going to fit? It was a tight squeeze to be sure.

a massive log truck on a small mountain road

That’s what they do up here – log – plant – wait – log some more. It was intense watching that thing so close to us with a ravine to our right.

close up of a massive truck filled with tree trunks

Signs like the one below dot the Pacific Northwest. Most of these are way out in the woods – you would have to travel far into the forest to see them. Some local folks may know the history of an area and remember fires. There have been so many fires you would be hard pressed to find out very much about any but the largest ones.

This one occurred during a time of significant changes in forest “management” and legislation governing the appropriate use of public resources. We’re glad the area was replanted. The trees there, though not virgin growth Douglas Furs, were mature and abundant.   Note the sequence of events.  

Sign about tree harvesting, planting, and burns

Watch Out Ahead!

At one point we looked ahead and saw the road blocked. The fellow said he had cut down the tree and was in the process of cleaning up the road. Jim got out and helped.

From then on we joked about buying a chainsaw to keep in the car. What if we got stuck on one of these roads? Call for help? There is never – repeat, never – any cell reception in these mountains! 

two men clearing a small road of a fallen tree

After quite a bumpy journey, we reached a crest, and it had a view! Since the road had twisted and turned through the mountains, we didn’t know quite where we were. It turned out we entered back into civilization only a few miles south of our home.

mountain views in Oregon

Visiting Cape Kiwanda

On another day, we traveled north to visit the Cape we’d missed on our last trip north – Cape Kiwanda. We didn’t do any research about the place and didn’t know what we’d find. It turned out that we had driven by it and thought it was just a beach. Well, on this day we saw that it was more than a beach, much more.

Cape Kiwanda cliffs, water and rocks

This sandstone cape stands in contrast to the neighboring basalt headlands and forested areas. There is quite a large beach there as well. Boaters are allowed to bring their vehicles on the sand close to the water – that was a bit strange for us.

a man climbing a sand mountain at Cape KiwandaOn the south side of the cape, there is a giant dune. We joked about climbing to the top of that hill just to say we did, but we didn’t. We went up a bit and then around. It’s hard work walking up sand mountains!

the ocean, rocks, and tide pools at Cape Kiwanda

We saw a few people here and there, but mostly we had the place to ourselves.

the ocean and rocks, at Cape Kiwanda

What a Place!

You could find a shoreline like this in a hundred places along the Coast: sandy beaches enclosed on either side by rocky formations. The waves here were unusually large, coming straight in from the ocean in deep water. The area feels rugged and slightly dangerous. If you find yourself in the water here – good luck – you’re unlikely to find your way out. 

Cape Kiwanda rock formations

Most of the area near the shoreline was fenced off and for good reason. Helicopter rescues are a common news item and always involve someone who ignored the signs and common sense.the ocean and rocks at Cape Kiwanda This is 500 feet on the other side of the rocks. Peaceful, shallow water and fun. 

the ocean and rocks at Cape Kiwanda

No beach houses in this area!

Cape Kiwanda tide poolsRocks like these go in and out of the water all day long depending on the tide. We could climb on them. A few hours later and you couldn’t even see them. 

Cape Kiwanda moss covered rocks

We loved hopping around on the rocks. Always some unusual formation to look at and the water was constantly piling up and draining away with each wave. 

the tide pools at Cape Kiwanda

Looks like a pretty desolate place, right!

man on green rocks at Cape Kiwanda

The old man by the sea?

rocks and waves at Cape Kiwanda

Goodbye, Cape Kiwanda!

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    • Sam and Veren on January 8, 2017 at 8:28 am
    • Reply

    Oh my god those cats are just too adorable!! We recently housesat for 4 cats in Florence, Italy, and it was also tricky to get them all in one photo, though we did manage to on the last day! One of the cats was also quite skittish, and though we did manage to pet her a couple times, it was only on her terms, when she was dozing on the bed in the guest room where she spent most of her time. But there was a young, one-year-old cat that was always underfoot wanting affection and cuddles, of which he got tons!!

    1. Wow, it sounds so similar to the critters in our story! Cats are funny aren’t they and so much fun. Were the cats you cared for indoor only or did they roam?

        • Sam and Veren on January 8, 2017 at 8:41 am
        • Reply

        They were indoor only since it was a 5th floor flat in the city. They did have a small terrace that they could go out onto whenever they wished (cat flap), though they rarely did since it was winter. I guess the “chilly” 50 degree whether made their little paws cold!

        1. So the situations between our two houses mirrored each other quite strongly! These cats never saw much above 50 degrees, but they did go out. Well, most of them did. Thanks for sharing, it’s fun to hear from other house sitters!!

    • Cindy on January 7, 2017 at 9:21 am
    • Reply

    LOVE your reports on my beloved state. It’s good to see through the eyes of someone who’s never been here before. I try not to take all of the beauty for granted, but fresh eyes are a bonus. Keep up the good work!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying them! We had a great time in Lincoln City and the surrounding area. It is beautiful, indeed!

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