About Us

Welcome to our little corner of the world!

We are full-time house sitters who gave up our home and hit the road!

That left us with no rent, commute or deadlines and we love it!

How about this for an uncommon lifestyle and an atypical retirement:

  •  getting to live in a bunch of great houses all around the country.

  •  caring for all manner of animals in many different places.

  •  Just like the circus, you’re in one place for a while, then off you go.


We Are:

  • Finished with our careers  (public accounting, preschool teaching)

  • Learning about travel, camping, and blogging 

  • Homebodies who travel while house/pet sitting 

Like Many Others:        

  • Exploring nature is a favorite pastime

  • We have a set and tight budget

  • We love life’s simple pleasures

Why Should You Read Our Blog:


  • to gain insight into pet and house sitting 


  • who doesn’t enjoy a few travel and camping adventures 


  • You may find out that since we can do it, so can you! 

A Few Tidbits –

Unless otherwise identified, we took the photos.

Mindful of privacy – no house photos or pet names. 


The posts are sequential, starting some time ago, aiming for today.


This post explains how it all began – Our Personal Earthquake

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You can contact us at aRoamingDuo@gmail.com

We appreciate your interest and comments!

Angela & Jim 

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