Our House Sitting Profile

close up of a bright pink magnolia budHello and Welcome!

We are house sitters who travel the country house-sit to house-sit, with the occasional camping in between as we’ve given up our home base. During our two and a half years of house sitting, we’ve had a total of 71 individual engagements in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California. We love it!

Housesitting allows us to work together, live in varied surroundings, meet new people and love their pets. We can help you take that dream vacation, visit family and friends or tend to out-of-town business with the confidence that your home and pets are in good hands. 

We would love to help you with your pet and house sitting needs.

Getting to Know Each Other

We are happy to speak with you by phone, Skype or FaceTime. When possible we also like to meet with you before deciding if we are a match. We fully understand that choosing just the right person/couple is important to you; it is also important to us.

We’re very pleased that every home and pet owner we’ve worked with has given us a positive reference. Nothing makes us happier than that! In fact, we’ve had many requests for second, third or even fourth visits. Repeat visits allow us to see pets again and start right away with familiar daily routines.

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At this point, we’ve cared for over a hundred dogs and cats, a few farm animals, and one desert tortoise. 

We love the daily routine of walks, feeding, egg collecting, grooming, and play time. Each pet has different needs, and we communicate carefully with owners to understand what works best: long walks, short walks, dog parks, etc.

Magnolia tree in bloom

More About Us

You will find we are conscientious, warm, open and capable. We make a great team, working well together or independently as needed. Our complimentary skills and interests allow us to take on a variety of challenges. We are adept at handling any difficulties that may arise with maturity, resolve, and ingenuity.

We owned homes for many years and know the attention and care needed to keep a house running smoothly. That experience extends to pets, pools, and yards. We are very thorough and clarify all household and pet responsibilities before your trip. Part of the reason for that is so we can keep your pets’ rhythms and routines as normal as possible to keep them happy during your absence.

We both enjoy gardening immensely and would love to tend to your yard and garden! We love to cook meals at home, tend to any household chores, have a bit of fun and then it’s early to bed and early to rise just like your pets.

Thank you,

Angela & Jim

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