House Sitting References

I am happy to recommend Angela and Jim as trusted house sitters. They stayed at our small farm, with lots of responsibilities including taking care of goats, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, gardens, etc., along with all the regular ins and outs of taking care of a home.

Communication was good, my critters were all contended and healthy and the house was clean and tidy and welcoming to us when we returned home. And really, what more could one ask? I have used house sitters quite a few times in the past and have a very short list of trusted house sitters I hope to call upon again; Angela & Jim are certainly on that list. Cheryl M, Olympia, Washington – October 2017

I’m thrilled to share how an amazing pair of human beings took care of our most beloved fur babies and home. Jim and Angela made us feel at peace and comfortable with the process. This was a long trip of two months, so coming home to a spotless house, and pets who were clearly pampered and loved was beyond our expectations. We will surely seek them out for future sits, hoping we find a way back into their busy schedule. Claudia S, Crescent Lake, Oregon – September 2017

We were so pleased to have Angela and James house/pet sit for us. We read all the great reviews for them and just knew we would be a good fit, we were! We have farm animals, (goats, sheep, and chickens), 3 cats, and a couple of goldfish. Everyone was well cared for just as we would have taken care of them. Our house was spotless and our large lawn mowed and watered. All my outdoor pots were taken care of too. It’s so nice to come home to a well-cared for home! Thanks again Angela and James. We’ll want to use you again. Jody, Lyons, Oregon – July 2017


Angela and Jim came very highly recommended to us by a mutual friend that had used them for house and pet sitting in the past. We were able to meet Angela and Jim when they were in our area doing another house sit. My husband and I liked both Angela and Jim immediately. The more we visited with them, the more we were impressed with them. We have a standard poodle and he took to them right away too. That made our decision to have Angela and Jim house sit for us much easier.

Our first experience having them house sit for us was for 15 days. We plan to have them house sit again when we have our next vacation plans in order and would highly recommend them for anyone considering a house sitter. They were great with our poodle, he loves them! And they took very good care of our home while we were gone. When we returned home, we found our home spotless. Karen, San Tan Valley, Arizona – 14 July 2017


Angela and Jim are wonderful. They have stayed with our boys several times now and we trust them without a doubt. They have taken very good care of our boys (two cats) and left our home as neat and clean as they found it. Angela and Jim and have always been very communicative during their stays and we’ve never had a problem. I now consider Angela and Jim as friends and would have them back again without thinking twice. Amy, Sonoma, Ca – March 2017

We were very pleased with Angela and Jim taking care of our pets and home while we were away. Our animals were stress-free when we returned and spoiled in the best of ways. They kept everything clean and we really appreciated coming home to happy dogs and cat. Thank you for everything! Hector, Portland, Or – April 2017

Angela and James are experienced pros (65+ stays) and it shows–they are great at what they do. They went above and beyond to make Marco’s (our timid Manchester Terrier rescue) first house sitting experience (and ours) a huge success.

Angela and James cared enough to invest the extra time to get to know Marco in advance of our departure–driving two hours to meet and walk with Marco a few weeks before our departure, having dinner at our home the night before, and arriving very early the morning of our departure. This put Marco (and us) at ease.

We returned to a happy dog and a house that was cleaner than when we left. Angela and James are delightful and we look forward their stays with Marco in the future. Gabrielle, Mill Valley, Ca – April 2017

It was a great pleasure to have Angela and Jim taking care of our home and pets. We came home to a spotless house, very happy dogs, and cat and they even helped in the yard. We highly recommend them and would love to have them again here. Chloe, San Francisco, Ca – April 2017

Angela and Jim were super flexible and even agreed to come meet in person before agreeing to pet sit. They were great with Maple and she seemed quite sad to see them go 🙂 Evan, San Francisco, Ca – March 2017


Angela and Jim kitten sat for me for 10 days and nights. They came over two times prior to me leaving for vacation so that we could discuss things and to get to know my kitten. My kitten liked Angela and Jim right off the bat by climbing into their laps. Upon my return, my kitten greeted me at the front door a very happy kitty. My house was very clean when I came home and my kitten was very well taken care of. I highly recommend Angela and will ask her to come back again. Sincerely, Lizette, D – Sonoma, Ca Feb 2017


I can’t imagine a better pet sitter and house sitter than Angela and Jim. I leave my most precious belongings carefree knowing that they are in fabulous hands. They have house sat for me twice now and it is lovely to come home to a house that is in better shape than when I left it. The dogs truly adore them and I feel very fortunate to have found them. Lee W, Sonoma, Ca -March 2017

Angela and Jim were great pet care/house sitters. Angela and I had talked by phone and I felt certain that it would be a good fit. Our female cat is very outgoing, and happy as long as there are humans to communicate and snuggle with. The male is a shy boy and takes time to feel safe with people. Both cats were cared for carefully.

We were gone a month, so good care was essential for our peace of mind. The house was cleaner than when we had left, which was above and beyond. My husband was delighted that the cement around the house was swept up. It had rained a lot while we were gone so that was a nice surprise. We are very happy with all that Angela and Jim did and would recommend them to friends–and you, too. Iris L Sonoma, Ca – March 2017

Jim did a terrific job of taking care of our two special-needs cats, quickly befriending them despite the shy nature of one. He was entirely self-sufficient and left our home spotless. I would invite him back in a heartbeat to take care of our pets or just a friendly chat. Jordan, Cobb, Ca – March 2017

We were extremely pleased with our experiences with Angela and Jim. They were responsive and dependable, and our dog seemed very well cared for in our absence. In addition, our house was in great shape upon our return. We’d definitely use their services again in future. Highly recommended. Wendy – Happy Valley, OR, December 2016

Angela and Jim took care of our home, our kitties and our dog while we were in Mexico for 2 weeks in the new year. We had not left our dog with house sitters previously, so we were worried about how he might survive our absence. As it turned out, with Angela and Jim we had nothing to worry about. When I was missing our pets, I would write to Angela and she would let us know all was well. She sent a few pictures of our dog which was also reassuring.

Everything was in order when we got home. Angela and Jim would be welcome to sit for us again when their very crowded house sitting schedule allows. Book them early! Bobbie M – La Quinta, CA – January 2017

Angela and James were not only great dog-/house-sitters but they left our home cleaner than they found it. Prompt communicators, reliable and friendly. We look forward to having them return when we next travel. Abigail – Petaluma, CA – October 2016

Angela and Jim have stayed with our boys (2 cats) on two occasions this past year. We face-timed with them on a few occasions during the decision-making process and actually met them a few weeks before the first house sit (while they were passing through town to another assignment). We felt very comfortable with them and they showed affection towards our cats. They are both warm and friendly people and dedicated to doing everything as discussed. 

On both occasions, Angela and Jim arrived after our departure, so we left a key for them in a key box. They arrived as promised for both their stays and were gone before we got back. They sent a text upon their arrival with photos of our cats, and we got some communications during the course of their visit. The house was left in excellent condition, and we appreciated that very much. The boys seemed to be well taken care of and nothing seemed to be out of place upon our return.  Amy G, Sonoma, CA – Oct & Dec 2015, September 2016

What can I say other than to confirm Angela and Jim’s five-star rating? They took the trouble to come to our home prior to their sitting to acquaint themselves with all aspects, including those of our beloved friend Woodrow (our cat). They took VERY good care of both our home and cat while we were away and I would highly recommend them as house-and-pet sitters. We are hoping to avail ourselves of their services during future vacations. They are altogether a fantastic, caring couple. Lynda H – Sacramento, CA – October 2016

Angela & Jim stayed at my house for four days in Oct.  When I got home everything was in good order & the cats seemed happy. I recommend them as house sitters and hope to have them back here in the near future. Linda M – Sacramento, CA – October 2016

We recently had Jim and Angela house and dog sit for 9 days. They are very personable people and did a wonderful job caring for our house and needy rescue dog who we dearly love. How do I know our dog was happy? When we got home and were chatting about the sit, Jim sat on the floor and our 85 pound German Shorthair went and sat on his lap! House looked great and they left very little footprint. We would recommend them as sitters.  Greg and Judy A, Alamo, CA – October 2016

Dogs in Portland looking

Jim and Angela epitomize the words Trusted House Sitters. They are genuinely kind and caring people and we feel completely at ease leaving our home and beloved pups in their care. We would love to have them back as often as they would like! Susan C, Portland, OR – Jan, March, May, August, Nov 2016

Angela and Jim cared for our home and 10-year-old Portuguese Water Dog while we were on vacation for 11 days. We returned home to a wonderfully clean house with everything in its place. The yard and gardens were well tended and thriving. And the dog was clearly happy and comfortable with their care.

They provided great communications with us by email, phone, and texting during our absence. Happily, there were no problems or concerns with either house or pet during our time away, but we feel confident that Angela and Jim could have responsibly managed any situation. Highly recommended!  Claude M, Port Townsend, WA – April 16, 2016

Angela and Jim are fantastic. Most importantly for us, our dogs were happy and very well cared for while we were away. We loved getting missives about how and what they were doing, and it made it easier to be away from them knowing they were being loved and spoiled. The house was in perfect condition when we returned. And best of all, they are just the nicest people. We highly recommend Angela and Jim. Carol L, Portland, OR – May 2016

Three Cats on Angela

Angela and Jim looked after my home and my 5 cats for almost 6 months. I returned to a clean neat home and five happy cats. These are indoor only cats, so can be demanding, but all were content. This was over winter and spring, so the weather can be a challenge, but no worries. Lynne C, Lincoln City, OR – June 2016


Angela and Jim provided excellent service and we are thankful to know them. They were kind, thoughtful and professional. Upon returning from vacation, we could not tell that anyone had been in our home. Our cat loved having them and was in great spirits when we returned. We highly recommend Jim and Angela to care for your house and pets.  Ted S, Portland, OR – July 2016

Angela and Jim were absolutely fantastic people, my dogs loved them, we loved them. Within the first day away, my youngest American Cocker Spaniel was so happy with Angela and Jim that she was laid flat-out in Jim’s arms just loving being stroked. Angela and Jim kept my house beautiful; everything was so clean when we got back. We had little emails from Angela letting us know that the dogs were fine, a couple of pictures which really made me miss the dogs, but I knew that they were having fun.

Angela and Jim made us so comfortable within just the first few moments, I knew I had made the right decision to ask them to come to look after my babies and my house. It is always so difficult, worrying about if you can trust people you have never met, but in doing FaceTime calls beforehand and keeping in contact a couple of times before the house stay, Angela made me feel like a friend was coming to stay instead of a stranger. So much so that I have asked for a repeat stay next year. I think that says a lot about both Angela and Jim, that they make you feel so comfortable. 

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my dogs, they loved you, and I am sure, absolutely certain, that when you come again next year, they will remember who you are.  Rachel B, Allenspark, Colorado July 2015

Angela and Jim recently completed a 3 1/2 week stay for me to care for my home, yard and four pets. I cannot say enough good things about the level of care that was provided. They arrived right on schedule, kept in close contact, went above and beyond on house care leaving my home sparkling clean, the yard detailed and my pets spoiled. Perfect. I can’t wait to have them back!  Cindy B, Dallas, Oregon – June & August 2015        Also May to Oct 2016

Angela and Jim were great house sitters. They came on time, asked pertinent questions, and then took over when I left. My dog got her medications, and both the dog and cat were well taken care of. The house was at least as clean when I got back as when I left. They’re a very personable as well as interesting couple and are experienced house sitters and I would highly recommend them.  Wendy M, Corvallis, Oregon Dec 2105

Dog in Marana

We very highly recommend Angela and Jim as pet and house-sitters. They did a fantastic job for us. We have five animals, one of which is on medication multiple times per day, so it isn’t an easy job, but all of their needs were met. Four out of five of the animals are on the shy side, but Angela and Jim had an instant rapport with all of them. Our home was well maintained in our absence and left clean and tidy on our return. Angela and Jim were willing to listen to instructions and followed them fully. We enjoyed meeting this couple as they are very down to earth and pleasant. We would enthusiastically welcome them back to care for our animals and home at any time.     Mary S, Marana, Arizona  Sep 2015

I would highly recommend Angela and her husband Jim. They were wonderful with Bronte! They even texted me a photo of her while I was away, looking very happy. And when I saw friends at the dog park after they left they talked about how wonderful they were with her and how happy Bronte was.

They left the place spotless, brought their own bed linens and responded to all my text messages asking how Bronte was doing. And Bronte clearly adored them too. I wouldn’t hesitate to have them back although they’ll probably be snapped up by other lucky people. Kelly H, Los Angeles, CA – March 2015

    Jim and Goldendoodle

I cannot rave enough about our wonderful, efficient and respectful services that were provided. Not only was our large and “peppy” dog extremely well cared for and so happy, but we came back to a pristine house with the dishwasher run and emptied, the beds changed, the towels laundered and everything perfectly in place. My only regret is that because of this exemplary service, they will be too busy for when we need help again!  Lucy S, Palm Desert, CA   Feb & July 2015, Dec 2016  

We are really happy with the level of care both our home and cat received with Angela and Jim! From the first conversation to coming home to a wonderful clean space with a happy kitty, everything went easily and well. Angela told me my cat slept with her every night, and I was so happy not to have to put him in a board and care facility. Jim and Angela were completely self-sufficient – the only time we heard from them was when they sent a cat picture to let us know our kitty was doing well. We hope they will be able to find time on their schedules when we next leave town. Thanks,  Angela and Jim! You provided us with worry free service and we are appreciative.  Shari L, Portland, Oregon – December 2015 and December 2016

Truly the sweetest puppy EVER

Angela and Jim took great care of our house, large yard, and three dogs, including a 10-week old puppy who could be quite a handful! Easy to work with, we recommend them highly.

Grant M, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Oct 2015

Angela and Jim were referred to us by two different friends. And we agree, they are great!! Will have them again in November to take care of our house and cat.  Peggie W, Ojai, CA  May and November 2015

Two Big Dogs in Los Gatos

Angela and Jim did an amazing job taking care of our 3 dogs and home for 4 nights and 5 days. They took our dogs for long walks and kept our home very clean. We came home to a clean house and happy dogs. What else can I say? I would highly recommend them and would welcome them back.  Lia M, Los Gatos, CA Nov 2015

Angela and Jim Recently looked after our house and two small dogs for 3-weeks while we were on vacation. They did a great job, faithfully completing a list of “daily/weekly” tasks I had prepared for them. Both dogs were pleased to see them as we had used their services as house carers earlier in the year. I would thoroughly recommend Angela and Jim as house carers as they are responsible and also a very pleasant couple.  Patrick R – Ojai, CA – April, May, Oct  2015 & Dec 2016

Holding a chicken

Angela and Jim were excellent house-sitters. They did a great job helping our anxious cat feel comfortable and communicated with us several times by email about how he was doing (as we asked). Our chickens were also in good hands. Our home was very clean and tidy when we returned, with sheets and towels washed and folded on the bed, and all dishes put away. I would highly recommend Angela and Jim to other homeowners… in fact, we plan to have them back to sit again in March.  Kendy R, Goleta, CA – Dec 2014, March 2015

Jim and Angela were very accommodating on short notice. They did a great job with the 4 dogs. Even our most perverse dog liked Jim, she never likes new people. House was neat and clean. Highly recommended.  George R, Malibu, CA – Jan 2015

My husband and I returned from an 8-day trip to find our house, pets, and plants in excellent condition (and spirits, in the case of the dogs and birds!) I could tell from Angela’s excellent questions before we left, that she cared truly about “learning the ropes.” Our three dogs loved Angela and Jim so much, that they chose to sleep with them in their bedroom, rather than in their customary bedtime quarters. We highly recommend Angela and Jim and hope to have them back again.  Nancy A. Topanga, CA – Nov 2015

She was a good girl

Angela and Jim are trustworthy, responsible, mature and reliable. They are an excellent house/pet care couple. We were pleased to return to a happy dog, a clean house, and garden.

RoseMarie P, Ojai, CA – April 2015

Getting kisses

Angela and Jim not only took good care of our home while we were gone for 2 1/2 weeks but also provided excellent care for our two dogs. Thank you, Angela and Jim!  Jo A, Granite Bay, CA May 2015

Cat snuggling in Vancouver

It is my pleasure to recommend Angela and Jim. They took great care of my cat and house for 12 days over Christmas 2015. Several months before our trip, I spoke to Angela on the phone, and during that first conversation, I asked if they would come. In the months before their arrival, Angela was always prompt in her email replies and returned phone calls. She arrived at our home exactly on time–despite heavy holiday traffic on the Interstate–and then, I made her wait for our lunch date while I finished a few chores. I appreciated her patience and understanding! 

Bandit is an extreme “scaredy cat” who prefers to cower under the bed at the first hint of strangers, but Angela gently coaxed him out, made him feel comfortable around her, and was eventually allowed the “honor” of petting him. She emailed photos of Bandit and told how he came over to be petted. She was one of the few cat sitters we have had who earned his trust, reassuring me that Bandit was surviving just fine without me! 

The evening we returned, the outdoor light was on, the house was wonderfully warm, and everything was totally immaculate as if no one had even been there. She and Jim had even tackled the deck made horrendously messy by squirrels tossing emptied sunflower-seed shells to the floor, by autumn leaves clustered in corners, and by dried brown hemlock needles. It was a chore I had neglected to do before we left, and I didn’t expect them to clean it for me–especially with the bite of our chilly Washington State winter! But, I was thankful to find the mess swept away. I was extremely pleased with the quality of care they gave both the cat and the house, and I would be thrilled if they returned to sit with Bandit again in the future.  

Janet U. Vancouver, Washington – Dec 2015, July 2016, November 2016

Shepherd Licking Jim

Although we engaged both Jim and Angela as a couple, only Jim came to our house. Nevertheless, he did a marvelous job taking care of our German shepherd dog and our home. Everything was immaculate upon our return. We are grateful he would drive from S. California to Sacramento for such a short stay.  Susan P, Sacramento, CA Feb 2015

He liked being close

He liked being close

So happy with Angela and Jim! My dog was happy and the house was sparkling clean! I highly recommend them!  

Pamela N, Ojai, CA – March, April 2015


Angela house sat for me for four days and cared for my two dogs and a cat. She updated me on her arrival, sent photos of my dogs, and kept me informed on my pets. I returned to a spotless house and laundered bedding.  Sandy G, Vancouver, Washington – Dec 2015

Angela looked after our dog and home for 3 weeks while we were out of the country. She did a great job treating his ear infection, sending updates, and even texting pictures. Our house was clean with flowers on the table and fresh sheets on the bed when we got home. I will call her next time we leave town.  Sarah H, Redondo Beach, CA – Feb 2015

Angela & Jim looked after our two Brittany Spaniels for four days. We were very happy with them, the dogs were happy and the house was spotless. Jan D, Northridge, CA – April 2015

I booked Angela for two weeks while I went on vacation. I wanted her to live at my home and take care of my cat while away. I came back home to a tidy place. In fact, it was a bit cleaner than I left it. I felt confident that all would be well and it was. I would totally use her services again should the need arise.  Canece H, Burbank, CA – Dec 2014


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