More About Our Lincoln City House Sit

a deer eating close to a house

A Few Lincoln City Neighbors!

Since we spent so much time in Lincoln City, we had ample opportunity to watch the deer. A few times I was able to get some photos of them. Look at him, right outside our bedroom window! Sorry for the less than perfect pictures, but you get the idea! A whole family! We may see a garden; they see lunch.

Four deer cavorting between two houses

Once we saw them up close, we could see they were quite scruffy what with being wild and all! They just walked from yard to yard and down the street and didn’t seem frightened of us.

a deer right by a house

Back to the Cats and our House Sit

We got to know the cats quite well and have to tell you more about them. They were such a hoot and very enjoyable company.

When our friend Happy couldn’t sleep on one of us, she loved her perch on that stove as much as her sister loved the heating pad. Of course, we turned it on every day as we were freezing and she liked that too.a cat lying on a heating stove

Though she loved affection and slept on both of us during the day, she did not like being picked up very much. She would tolerate it, but you had to ask her first. 

She always came up on the table if one of us was working, but didn’t do it when we were eating, what a good girl! When we say she was social, she was never more than a few feet away. No matter where we went, she would follow. Every time!

a cat lying on a heating pad

The Ruling Cat

Her sister Doc loved to communicate and talk – sometimes with her mouth and sometimes with her eyes. She would come over and tell us she wanted attention. She honestly did!

First, she would stare intently at us then add the talking. It wasn’t meowing like cats do, it was talking (in cat words, of course). She made solid eye contact all the while, and I was sure she would start speaking English any minute. But, boy, oh boy, don’t pick her up, she hated it and would wail like anything!a fluffy cat atop a recliner

Our Alarm Clock

By the third week, Sneezy was out in the main part of the house with us most of the day. He was the only one in the group who enjoyed being held by a human. He loved affection and would meow like crazy for attention – especially first thing in the morning.

The cats had dry food out all the time and got a bit of wet food each day. That wet food was a big deal for this guy, and he wanted it fast. He became our alarm clock! He sat outside our bedroom door and just before 6:00 am would start scratching on it to wake us up and give him his food. It was a serious matter to him, indeed.Two cats sleeping on a couch

Visiting the balcony was one of his favorite things – when it wasn’t raining! He wanted the cat door open all the time and would complain if it wasn’t. Making his rounds and checking out the neighborhood was important to him (if only from the balcony).

He would sometimes come running back in and go from room to room trying to find a way to get at whatever animal he saw outside – poor guy! He was the only cat who cared about the world outside the house.a cat resting on the top of a recliner

Cat Number Four

Our friend Sleepy started visiting us during the day after a few weeks. He let me pet him regularly but didn’t know what to do. He would stay a few moments and then dart away or get hissed at by one of the others.

It was evident that Happy and Doc couldn’t stand him. They would hiss and scratch and chase him away all the time. His sister seemed to tolerate him somewhat. Sneezy was the only friend he had, and it was sad to witness.

an elusive cat sitting just out of reach

The Last of the Cats

Our friend ‘Bashful’? Well, this is as close as we could get. She would hang out nearby but always out of reach. I would sit and talk to her, and she would listen, but when I tried moving closer or offering her food, she would scamper off.

She began coming out of the bedroom earlier in the evening and eating dry food while we were in the same room. But only if we were still and silent.

She didn’t have many interactions with most of the other cats. Sneezy was the only one that made physical contact with her. She would come and lie next to him, and he would lick her – boy, did she love that!

woman with three cats sleeping on her lap

Getting Out of the House

Having three cats, that love physical contact was great fun. There was always someone to cuddle. Every single time I sat down I had all three instantly vying for a spot on my lap! Okay, that’s it for the cats for now. 

We did explore the town on various occasions and visited the nearby lake quite a few times. Yes, a mile or two from the ocean was a fresh water lake!

a dock at a lake

Devils Lake

There is no apostrophe! It was a beautiful and peaceful 680-acre lake ringed by a few parks, vacation homes, docks, a campground and winding roads. We started visiting it early in the mornings to try to get lovely sunrise photos. 

pink and blue sunrise over a lake

We were successful a few times!

 a man walking on a dock with water all around

Clearly, this is well after sunrise, but if you like fishing or had a boat, this dock would be the place.

houses reflected on a lake

When at a lake you have to take a reflection photo or two, right?

a tree reflected on a lake

Searching For a Sunrise

We tried getting good sunrise photos in many spots and had marginal luck most of the time. One morning we got up very early and decided to climb a mountain with a view to the east. I found a road on my map that looked promising, so off we set at 5:00 am into the bright blue yonder – not really – it was pitch black.

After a few miles, it became evident that it was a fire road. That meant there were no houses, no lights, and no pavement! Undaunted, we pushed on for two hours through the dark and muddy path searching for that perfect spot! 

view of trees in the mountains

Guess what – No sunrise for us. There were too many trees blocking our view! Once it got light we did get some lovely vistas, though.

view of trees and mountains far in the distance

See, we missed the sunrise, but we loved all the wilderness we experienced.

view of trees and mountains

In the middle of the forest, we would find scenes like this – clear-cut logging. It always seemed violent in a way, no matter how familiar. Efficiency explains it, we guess.swaths of clear cutting and tree standsTo give credit where due, we also saw huge areas reforested, sometimes with signs marking the date of planting. Some areas were barely starting regrowth, other we saw were decades old: all the same size and color and thousands of acres.

trees on a forest mountain

We were surprised at how often these signs referred to plantings after fires of one year or another. In the Tillamook forest and park, you’ll see signs describing a fire of unimaginable size and an equally astounding replanting effort. wallpaper of a decorative skull

Pain Enters the Picture

Since this post is chronicling our life, I have to add this next part. One morning I woke up feeling normal. That sounds storage to say, but I’m accustomed to various aches and pains. After checking my emails, I noticed my lower back hurt. After a few chores, it became very painful to bend at all.

Within 20 minutes I was crying on the floor in agonizing pain. I had never felt this particular pain before. I’ve had sore backs, really sore backs, but this was something different. It was quite scary, and after Jim helped me to the bed, I just lay there crying and unable to move without intense pain. 

tree root above ground

What to Do

Jim found the number to the only chiropractor in town and called him up. He didn’t do house calls! Since we didn’t know what was wrong, it was extra scary, and that affected my pain level adversely. The idea of getting dressed, getting in the car, and getting to the doctor’s office was massively confronting.

Eventually, we decided we had to get there no matter what. It took many minutes to get me dressed and into the car, thank God the office was close. His prognosis was that my Psoas muscle was tight – MY WHAT? (think hip flexors). I later learned that the Psoas is responsible for allowing the body to bend, sit, etc. Well, no wonder. exposed tree roots

He did what he could and sent us on our way. We got home, put a mattress on the floor for me and there I stayed! It was excruciating to do anything. I laid in bed all day every day getting up only to use the restroom and those trips took at least five minutes and entailed some crying on my part.

After three days, the pain began to subside, and I could do more and more with less pain and then it was gone. I started reading about the psoas muscle and what other treatments I could try.

It seems there is always some new adventure in pain waiting around the corner for me! If I were inclined (I’m not) I could be the poster child for pharmaceutical pain relief. Lucky me.

What’s Next – We are going to Tillamook – cheese anyone?

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