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To Cures Your Ills –

We understand that for some this post is not of interest, like for Jim. However, I’m hoping someone will find something in here of use. So here goes nothing! We also want to be clear that we are not prescribing anything for anyone, just sharing things we’ve used and that work for us. Okay, it’s 99% what I use, and Jim’s just along for the ride.

two daisies in the grassAllergy Cure

He does have this to say: after years, decades, of allergies and sinus issues, they are gone. Not just better, less frequent or milder: GONE. That’s thanks entirely to acupuncture treatmentsOver a couple of years, the amazing Dr. Gu in Woodland Hills cured him!

Gone are the days filled with sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, drippy nose – all those familiar and disgusting things. It had gotten to be a serious quality of life issue. If any plant was blooming (in California that means all year long), Jim was sneezing and headed down. Outdoors for a few hours meant indoors for a few days. Those days are gone if not forgotten.   

a container of Nux vomica pills

Digestive Aids

We have mentioned my continuing battle with indigestion and stomach aches. We’ve also shared that I’ve tried using digestive bitters. While they do help, they contain alcohol, and if you don’t or shouldn’t consume it, that rules out digestive bitters as an aid.

During most of my adult life, I almost always have homeopathic Nux Vomica 6x with me. (Many people use it for hangovers, too.) After a meal with an offending ingredient I pop a few of those pellets under my tongue, and ten minutes later the symptoms are gone. There are always good probiotics as well, and they seem to help a bit.

Eater's Digest tea

You can find it everywhere

Digestive Aids – A Few More Items

Other times I drink herbal digestive teas such as Grandma’s Tummy Mint (can’t find it any longer) or Traditional Medicinals Eater’s Digest. They work very fast and efficiently for me.

Eater’s Digest contains ginger which is an important remedy for many things – it’s just that I hate the taste, a lot. It works, though, and that’s the important thing. There are many other digestive teas; we just haven’t tried them.

Menopause has done a number on my metabolic system, and food is almost the enemy now. I’ve never taken Tums, Mylanta, or Pepto Bismol and hopefully, won’t have to resort to using them. So I’m always on the lookout for new, easy, and relatively inexpensive cures.Bottle of Lemon Essential Oil

Cure for Heartburn

Another thing I’ve used quite a few times more recently if I get heartburn is a drop, or two of Lemon Essential Oil applied externally right on my throat. Five minutes later, the heartburn is gone. It does sometimes return later, and I have to take a second dose. It’s amazing that applying a drop of oil could have that effect. 

Naturally, none of these remedies solve the underlying problem; they only relieve the symptoms. I know that, but I haven’t found a doctor who could help, so I’m on my own with all of it. I have tried many different diets, and the nothing has worked. It seems my body is just getting more and more sensitive to food and less able to cope as I age. Oh, well, that’s enough sharing on that front, right?bottle of Thuja pills

Bladder Infection or Irritation

We’ve probably all heard about the cranberry juice cure, right? Just drink tons of the pure stuff, and you should be okay. That may work for many, but it is too acidic for others. I haven’t had an actual bladder infection for many years – one reason – I’ve learned never to sit on anything cold – really and truly, that’s a real thing. I didn’t make it up.

However, I do sometimes get that feeling – you know it, right? If I feel that irritation I immediately take a dose of homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis 6x and the symptoms disappear in ten minutes (if I take it right away).

The other cure I’ve found helpful is Calendula Tincture in warm water as a compress. Using Thuja is the cheapest, easiest non-invasive cure I’ve found. The only issue is always remembering to keep it close and use it immediately, so the symptoms don’t increase!Earthing pads and cords

Now We Get to the Crazy Stuff! 

Earthing or Grounding! Have any of you heard of it? I first read about it in a David Wolf book and then did more research during my mostly bedridden episode with Frozen Shoulder. I had a lot of time to read!

Most of us are not very connected to the earth anymore. We wear protective shoes; we sleep inside, we don’t spend much time touching the earth or trees very much, and that’s a bad thing.

I have no claim on any scientific knowledge, but it does seem obvious that being outside walking barefoot on the earth or gardening with bare hands, sitting up against a tree or swimming in a pond or ocean is a good thing.

electrical socket with a cord plugged into the ground

Ground Yourself

Since doing these things regularly can be difficult there is at least one company that sells contraptions to ground yourself while sleeping or at any other time you want to walk around with two chords connecting you to the electrical ground in your light sockets!

We are not going to go into the science behind all this or go into extensive detail trying to accurately describe the why behind the story; that’s for you to do if this sounds as fascinating to you as it did to me. 

This company sells bed sheets that connect to the ground in your electrical sockets. That was way too expensive for us. Instead, we ordered a kit that came with two long chords that you attach to pads and your ground. You just place the two pads on your body and go to sleep.

Earthing patch applied on the skin

Put it where it hurts

Does It Work?

There is no real way to tell if it helped my shoulder, but it helped me fall asleep faster and sleep better in general. I also used them recently for reactive psoas muscle pain, and it seemed to help that as well.

There is a lot more to the explanations for why grounding yourself is a healthy thing to do, and we encourage you all to read more about it! Of course, we could all make sure we walk barefoot, work in a garden without gloves or swim in lakes or the ocean, but those aren’t so easy to do every day. 


There is one malady that we haven’t found an easy or entirely reliable natural remedy for – headaches. Outside of a visit to a chiropractor or the occasional Tylenol, that is.

Before resorting to Tylenol, we often try two other things. #1 – I lie down on a bed, and Jim takes my neck and stretches it, as instructed by a cranial-sacral therapist. That solution isn’t always practical and feels a bit dangerous.

#2 – the pressure point between your thumb and index finger – hold pressure on it for two minutes. It is very painful but often alleviates the headaches. 

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The End

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully, we haven’t left you all thinking we’re too crazy! If there are home remedies any of you use for similar ailments, we’d love to hear about it as we’re always looking to broaden our horizons!

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    Headache cure is take magnesium tablet….give it a few weeks….most people are low in mg….cured wife and her daughter…..check it out online..

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