A New Family Member

With Four Wheels! As we shared in a previous post, we finally decided on a replacement for our Camry. The three primary objectives were – it had to have high clearance, four-wheel-drive, and be large enough for us to sleep inside, all for the least amount of money possible while still being in good shape! …

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Pet Sitting in Crescent Lake, Oregon

Welcome to Our New Home – At 5,000 feet in the mountains of Southern Oregon. We arrived two days early to our house sit and got to hang out for a couple of days with the owners who were friends from long ago when we all lived in Los Angeles. Our stay was going to …

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Up the California Coast

  Time to Head North!  Our two months of house sitting in Northern California had come to an end, and it was time to head up to Oregon for a while. Since we had two days to get to Portland, we decided the coast route would be splendid and set off from Mill Valley in the afternoon. The …

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Holiday Post 2017

Happy Holidays to all! This year I collected winter photos for this post.  A combination of decorations and winter wonderlands!           We found these in Palm Springs and saved the photos, they were huge! Happy New Year and all that! What’s Next – heading north

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Exploring the Marin Headlands and a Shy Dog

l Look at That Face! This four-legged sweetheart was the reason for our next house sit and a timid fellow he was. We visited a couple of weeks before the sit to meet one-another, take a long walk, and enjoy a lovely dinner prepared by the hosts. His owners had informed us that meeting new …

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