A Roaming Duo Find Happy Valley

Las Vegas to Sacramento! Fun times on Interstate 15 through Baker and Barstow and then over to Bakersfield on Highway 58. Has anyone done that lovely stretch of road? Wow! You’re not missing much except maybe the windmills near Tehachapi!

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Valley of Fire State Park – Put It On Your List!

Valley of Fire State Park – was our destination as we drove northeast from Lake Mead in Nevada. We had heard great things about the place from a friend. While driving, we suddenly saw a few sandstone hills like these, in the middle of nowhere.  After a few miles, we saw more of those big …

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A Random Week in Arizona

Why You Ask! Well, our house-sitting host in Portland had to cancel our stay and offered her sister’s house as replacement housing since it was currently vacant. We were certainly grateful to have a roof over our heads! It meant we were also 1,300 miles away from where we started and where we needed to …

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A Roaming Duo in Distress

Dealing with Sudden Changes! Our last post ended with the news of losing three weeks of housing in Portland since the owners had to return home early. They graciously supplied us with a hotel room for three nights and also offered to let us stay in their sister’s house near Phoenix, Arizona after that. We thought we …

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Two House Sits and a Ton of Rain

This Post Picks Up right after our escape from Mendocino National Forest, our most harrowing experience together. Somehow we kept it together, arrived on time at our next house sit in Sacramento and started off with a smile if still a little shaken.

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