We Agreed – It Was Better in the Dark

The Title Will Make Sense –  It’s not what you might be thinking. Here’s the setup. We’re in Yosemite, and instead of staying in that exquisite park for another day, I decide the thing to do is explore somewhere else. Hence the trip to Tuolumne Meadows and Mono Lake. However, that meant we had to …

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The Tufa at Mono Lake – Amazing

Which Way To Go? At the bottom of the Tioga Pass, on the east end, the road ends at Hwy 395. That means a choice has to be made. When we got there we flipped a coin and decided to head south to June Lake, not knowing anything about it. Something new was waiting: what …

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A Verse For Our Times

  We must eradicate from the soul  all fear and terror  of what comes towards us from the future; We must look forward  with absolute equanimity to whatever comes,  and we must think only  that whatever comes is given us  by a world direction full of wisdom. It is part of what we must learn …

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More from Yosemite with a Roaming Duo

The Second Day – Our unexpected trip to Yosemite continued with an unexpectedly early start the second day. After a very wet night, we got up in the dark, turned on the headlights and packed up all our very wet gear in a light rain. We had to keep it quiet since everyone else was …

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An Unexpected Trip to Yosemite

The Set Up – Yes, this post is about an unexpected trip to Yosemite National Park. However, first things first! We had agreed to do a house sit in Sacramento with one cat – our 50th house sit! The owners informed us that we might never see the cat during our one-week stay. Apparently, we’d …

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