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Painted Hills in Arizona and driving the Million Dollar Highway

Did Someone Say Road Trip! As we shared previously, we’d decided to switch our State of Domicile from California to South Dakota and had already changed our address and all our bills. Now it was time to go to South Dakota and get our driver’s licenses! Since it was a big trip anyway, we planned to …

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Arizona Day Trips – Casa Grande and St. Anthony Monastery

  Casa Grande National Monument During our stay in San Tan Valley, Arizona, we took a short sightseeing trip on the only day during our visit that stayed under 90 degrees. The homeowners had highly recommended two places to us – Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and St Anthony Monastery. I did a bit of …

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Dog Sitting Near Phoenix

Welcome to San Tan Valley! Never heard of it? Neither had we. It’s about 45 minutes southeast of Phoenix, Arizona and is indeed part of a large valley. There seemed to be a few distinct sections of human habitation separated by large agricultural areas for miles and miles. The reason we were here was for …

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A Random Week in Arizona

Why You Ask! Well, our house-sitting host in Portland had to cancel our stay and offered her sister’s house as replacement housing since it was currently vacant. We were certainly grateful to have a roof over our heads! It meant we were also 1,300 miles away from where we started and where we needed to …

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A Roaming Duo in Distress

Dealing with Sudden Changes! Our last post ended with the news of losing three weeks of housing in Portland since the owners had to return home early. They graciously supplied us with a hotel room for three nights and also offered to let us stay in their sister’s house near Phoenix, Arizona after that. We thought we …

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