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Our Oregon Summer – Part 2

Our 20th House Sit – We were back for the second leg of our house sit in Dallas. (You can read the first one here) After greetings and some settling in, our first order of business was getting a new windshield. We called a mobile repair service, and after a couple of hours and a …

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What to do with a Gallon of Vodka

Mixed Drinks Aplenty! Yes, that’s one thing, and an excellent thing it could be. But no, that’s not why we got it. It’s not for drinking; it’s for tinctures and herbal remedies – the main ingredient. It has to be 100 proof to extract all the essential nutrients from the herbs and plants. I’ve had …

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8 Natural Remedies – Colds and Injuries

For Whatever Ail’s Ya! We’re on the road a lot, and on our own, a lot and when looking at something beautiful isn’t enough to cure you, it’s time for outside intervention. We’re not young puppies anymore and have to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of the puppies, no matter what …

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