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Camping in California – From the Mountains to the Prairies

The Suburban on a Road Trip! This was our first decent sized road trip in our Suburban, from Southern Oregon to Southern California. We packed everything in the car and hit the road leaving around 6:00 pm: destination Los Angeles and hopefully a visit to Jim’s dentist. After a three-hour drive, we stopped at Juanita …

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Up the California Coast

  Time to Head North!  Our two months of house sitting in Northern California had come to an end, and it was time to head up to Oregon for a while. Since we had two days to get to Portland, we decided the coast route would be splendid and set off from Mill Valley in the afternoon. The …

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Exploring the Marin Headlands and a Shy Dog

l Look at That Face! This four-legged sweetheart was the reason for our next house sit and a timid fellow he was. We visited a couple of weeks before the sit to meet one-another, take a long walk, and enjoy a lovely dinner prepared by the hosts. His owners had informed us that meeting new …

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House Sitting in San Francisco

Welcome to the Big City! We’d both been to San Francisco in the past, but neither of us had done more than a few hotel nights, so having two short house sits was a welcome treat. The first home (for three days) was in the heart of the financial district in a highrise! We had …

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Two Homes and Four Cats

Our Last House Sit in Sonoma – At least, for the time being, was back at the first home we’d ever stayed at there. We’d stayed at this home quite a few times but never walked around the complex, imagine that! When we finally did, we found those lily pads in the pond, which was …

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