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Roaming in Southern California

First We Had to Get There! We departed the lovely town of Laughlin, Nevada quite early headed to Los Angeles. Once we left civilization, we found a dreary and foggy morning for most of the way on Interstate 40. In case we’ve never mentioned it, the road between Laughlin and Los Angeles is one long exercise …

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Killing Time in Laughlin, Nevada

A Real Charmer! Who wouldn’t want to live in that house? We saw several of those after we left Joshua Tree National Park and headed east on a couple of blue highways. Our chosen route included several back roads from Twentynine Palms to Amboy, and then Hwy 66 northeast up to Laughlin.  As we approached …

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Joshua Tree National Park – You’ve Got to Go

Joshua Tree National Park – was only an hour away. We’d checked on that before our departure from La Quinta. It was late in the afternoon by the time we finished our house sit, and we set off on our way to Nevada by way of Joshua Tree and the one campground at the southern …

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Visiting the Mecca Wilderness and Salton Sea

  Two Strange Trips – Yes, we’ll take you to the Mecca Wilderness a bit later, have no fear. While we were house sitting in La Quinta, the homeowner had arranged for a cleaning service to come and clean the house. We had no objections! Just one problem, the cleaners didn’t like the dog – …

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Two Weeks in La Quinta, CA

Welcome to the Slobber Fest! Here’s our new friend, a gregarious fellow with a gigantic tongue! Oh my, did he love licking humans! If you sat still for five seconds or put your face anywhere near him, you were getting wet, that’s all there was to it.  This fellow was a lover boy from minute one, …

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