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Portland to Ojai

Look What We Found! Ice covering everything in sight. It was gorgeous, and I had to get photos. These branches were at our first pit stop after leaving Portland early in the morning with temperatures in the teens, ice crunching under our tires, and Jim trying hard not to slide off the road.  Some of …

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A Roaming Duo Find Happy Valley

Las Vegas to Sacramento! Fun times on Interstate 15 through Baker and Barstow and then over to Bakersfield on Highway 58. Has anyone done that lovely stretch of road? Wow! You’re not missing much except maybe the windmills near Tehachapi!

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Two House Sits and a Ton of Rain

This Post Picks Up right after our escape from Mendocino National Forest, our most harrowing experience together. Somehow we kept it together, arrived on time at our next house sit in Sacramento and started off with a smile if still a little shaken.

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We Agreed – It Was Better in the Dark

The Title Will Make Sense –  It’s not what you might be thinking. Here’s the setup. We’re in Yosemite, and instead of staying in that exquisite park for another day, I decide the thing to do is explore somewhere else. Hence the trip to Tuolumne Meadows and Mono Lake. However, that meant we had to …

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The Tufa at Mono Lake – Amazing

Which Way To Go? At the bottom of the Tioga Pass, on the east end, the road ends at Hwy 395. That means a choice has to be made. When we got there we flipped a coin and decided to head south to June Lake, not knowing anything about it. Something new was waiting: what …

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