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Joshua Tree National Park – You’ve Got to Go

Joshua Tree National Park – was only an hour away. We’d checked on that before our departure from La Quinta. It was late in the afternoon by the time we finished our house sit, and we set off on our way to Nevada by way of Joshua Tree and the one campground at the southern …

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A Roaming Duo Tackles Idaho

It Worked! Our tent didn’t get wet, and neither did we, at least until we began packing up. We were soaked from the hips down by the time we drove off. I like to get going in the morning, but Jim needs his coffee first. He fired up our little stove, well before dawn, and …

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Getting Ready to Roam

Our Plans for the Summer – Included a lot of travel to house sits: north from California to Oregon, east to Colorado and back west to Oregon. Then, in September, down to Los Angeles for a wedding and finally out to Arizona for another house sit. Hotels could not be part of our budget since …

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