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Painted Hills in Arizona and driving the Million Dollar Highway

Did Someone Say Road Trip! As we shared previously, we’d decided to switch our State of Domicile from California to South Dakota and had already changed our address and all our bills. Now it was time to go to South Dakota and get our driver’s licenses! Since it was a big trip anyway, we planned to …

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Camping in California – From the Mountains to the Prairies

The Suburban on a Road Trip! This was our first decent sized road trip in our Suburban, from Southern Oregon to Southern California. We packed everything in the car and hit the road leaving around 6:00 pm: destination Los Angeles and hopefully a visit to Jim’s dentist. After a three-hour drive, we stopped at Juanita …

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Joshua Tree – Our Return Visit

Finding a Camping Spot  – is not easy when you arrive at Joshua Tree National Park late in the afternoon! It was pretty frustrating as most of the campgrounds were full. The few spots we did find, we didn’t want, and apparently, no one else did either.  After driving through four campgrounds, we finally found …

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Joshua Tree National Park – You’ve Got to Go

Joshua Tree National Park – was only an hour away. We’d checked on that before our departure from La Quinta. It was late in the afternoon by the time we finished our house sit, and we set off on our way to Nevada by way of Joshua Tree and the one campground at the southern …

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We Agreed – It Was Better in the Dark

The Title Will Make Sense –  It’s not what you might be thinking. Here’s the setup. We’re in Yosemite, and instead of staying in that exquisite park for another day, I decide the thing to do is explore somewhere else. Hence the trip to Tuolumne Meadows and Mono Lake. However, that meant we had to …

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