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Changes in Latitude, Changes in Altitude

First Things First – With a nod and apology to Jimmy Buffett, this post is about our travel adventures. We hope you enjoy it. Our goal is to live as full-time house sitters. We want to work with great hosts, sweet pets and stay in great houses with beautiful yards. Oh, and live a simple …

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Giants – Crowns – Wedding Bells

You’ll See the Title Fits – Our second day traveling down the Pacific Coast from Oregon to Southern California began with packing up our camping gear and heading out for Jim’s coffee since we couldn’t cook at the campground. 

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Oregon’s Seven Wonders – The Coast

Our Summer in Oregon was Over – We were heading back to Southern California for about a week before going to Arizona for our next house sit. However, we did not want another long trip down Interstate 5. The section through Oregon is lovely, but that stretch down central California, no, not again! We decided …

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Oregon’s Seven Wonders – The Wallowas

Good Bye Idaho! Our journey began at our lovely hotel by the Boise Airport. We started out heading west on Interstate 84, ugh.  Since we had driven farther than planned the previous day, had a few days before starting our house sit, and might never be this way again, we decided what the hell – let’s …

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Trail Ridge Road – Words Won’t Do

Which Way Should We Go? Before wrapping up our house sit in Allenspark, we needed to plan our return trip to Oregon. There were three ways to go: the fastest would be north to Cheyenne then west on Interstate 80 to Salt Lake City. We were not going to go through Southern Wyoming again; no …

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