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Oregon’s Seven Wonders – The Wallowas

Good Bye Idaho! Our journey began at our lovely hotel by the Boise Airport. We started out heading west on Interstate 84, ugh.  Since we had driven farther than planned the previous day, had a few days before starting our house sit, and might never be this way again, we decided what the hell – let’s …

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Trail Ridge Road – Words Won’t Do

Which Way Should We Go? Before wrapping up our house sit in Allenspark, we needed to plan our return trip to Oregon. There were three ways to go: the fastest would be north to Cheyenne then west on Interstate 80 to Salt Lake City. We were not going to go through Southern Wyoming again; no …

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Traveling Blue Highways in Wyoming

The Day Started Well Enough – Yippee! Our new sleeping pads are great; they helped immensely! Now we can camp without pain upon waking. Plus, since they are self-inflating, we just unroll them, open the knob, air gets in, and in about seven minutes they are full. Close the knob, and we’re ready for bed. …

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A Roaming Duo Tackles Idaho

It Worked! Our tent didn’t get wet, and neither did we, at least until we began packing up. We were soaked from the hips down by the time we drove off. I like to get going in the morning, but Jim needs his coffee first. He fired up our little stove, well before dawn, and …

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Rain Chasing Us Across Oregon

Our Route to Colorado?  We decided to go through central Oregon and over the Cascade Mountains to Idaho. We had been in northern, southern and western parts of Oregon, but never to the east.  This way we could take in all the mountains, forests, rivers and towns along Hwy 20 and beyond. The other name …

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