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More Fun in Crescent Lake

Welcome to Part Two – Of our time in Crescent Lake, Oregon. As we shared in our previous post, we had just purchased a new-to-us vehicle and were both super excited and happy. Jim was fussing with it all day, and we both began reading the owner’s manual online. Unbelievable, it was 639 pages, no wonder …

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Pet Sitting in Crescent Lake, Oregon

Welcome to Our New Home – At 5,000 feet in the mountains of Southern Oregon. We arrived two days early to our house sit and got to hang out for a couple of days with the owners who were friends from long ago when we all lived in Los Angeles. Our stay was going to …

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Two Homes and Four Cats

Our Last House Sit in Sonoma – At least, for the time being, was back at the first home we’d ever stayed at there. We’d stayed at this home quite a few times but never walked around the complex, imagine that! When we finally did, we found those lily pads in the pond, which was …

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More Adventures in Sonoma

A Few Changes! We had a referral from a homeowner in Sonoma and set up a house sit with one older dog. A few weeks before the start, the homeowner informed us about two new kittens. Great, we thought. We hadn’t taken care of any kittens yet. Then, right before our scheduled visit, she informed …

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Springtime in Sonoma, Part Two

Have a Few Flowers! For the second post about our time with the two new feline friends, I had to start it with flowers. The yard was exploding in color, and I went out almost every day to chronicle the changes. The photo above is one of my all-time favorites! Early morning dew on new …

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