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Three Little House Sits all in a Row

Our First Return House Sit! Not exactly Groundhog Day, but here we were back in Goleta. Familiar highways heading here, familiar turns to the block, driveway, picket fence, screen door, pets – after so much moving around this was rather comforting. How fantastic to ease back into a familiar situation. We knew the animals, the …

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The Invisible Cat – in Burbank, Ca

Everything is New – With only one house sit under our belt, we were on the steep part of the learning curve. Our second house sit brought a few firsts: the first face-to-face interview with a homeowner, our first signed house sitting contract, first overlap (by one day) first time arriving after the owner had departed, …

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Our First House Sit – Goleta, CA

How Exciting! We responded to a posting on one of the house sitting websites; spoke to the family by phone, and just like that we had our first house sit. We would be spending a week on the coast north of Los Angeles just passed Santa Barbara in Goleta.  We did not meet the homeowners, or …

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House Sitting – How It Works

We field many questions about house sitting; what it’s like, what’s involved, do you like it, how do you find house sits? Here, though distilled, are tidbits we think are relevant and important to share. Others have been at this longer and might say more or say it better. All respect. We’re new enough to …

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