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A New Family Member

With Four Wheels! As we shared in a previous post, we finally decided on a replacement for our Camry. The three primary objectives were – it had to have high clearance, four-wheel-drive, and be large enough for us to sleep inside, all for the least amount of money possible while still being in good shape! …

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Springtime in Sonoma, Part Two

Have a Few Flowers! For the second post about our time with the two new feline friends, I had to start it with flowers. The yard was exploding in color, and I went out almost every day to chronicle the changes. The photo above is one of my all-time favorites! Early morning dew on new …

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A New Domicile State

Where Are You Folks From?  During our stay in Sisters, Oregon we began talking seriously about changing our State of Domicile. We are residents of California, well, we came to find out the actual term is ‘domiciled’ in California.  We love the place, but as retirees living on Social Security, it’s a bit on the costly …

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Reflections on Two Years of House Sitting

Wow, Another Milestone! It’s been two years since we gave up our home and all manner of regular, orderly life to start a rather nomadic life as traveling house sitters. Do we still enjoy this new life? Absolutely. Do we intend to stay at it? Most definitely. With two years of experience, we feel confident …

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One Year Anniversary

What a Life! Wow, we’ve been house sitting for a year, and we still love it! We don’t see any reason for a change. Visiting new places, meeting wonderful homeowners and magnificent animals, all without working – this is the life! Jim hasn’t had a full-time job for quite a few years and has long since …

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