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Our Household Budget – Wait, What Household?

 Finances, A Dirty Word –  Jim practiced public accounting for many years (quite a while ago). You get right down in people’s stuff doing that. One thing he can share: most people he dealt with lived in a bubble, not of vast wealth, though some did. It’s more that our culture doesn’t encourage openness about …

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Our New Life – First Six Months

How It’s Gone – Once we arrived in Oregon and truly began our traveling life, we couldn’t help but reflect back on the last six months. What a strange life it’s been. We’ve spent the last six months without a home of our own, and we are just fine with that. The first three months …

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Getting Ready to Roam

Our Plans for the Summer – Included a lot of travel to house sits: north from California to Oregon, east to Colorado and back west to Oregon. Then, in September, down to Los Angeles for a wedding and finally out to Arizona for another house sit. Hotels could not be part of our budget since …

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Short or Long – Which is Better?

House Sits That Is – We started this house-sitting Odyssey as our way to move away from our life in Los Angeles: work-a-day, congested, busy, high rents, etc. We had different goals in mind than other house sitters. Most are moving towards something they want like travel, adventure, new places and people. That’s all great, …

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Home is Where the Heart Is, Right?

First, a Three-Day House Sit – Our 15th was a mini, only three days. The real boon, other than the sweet dogs, was that the house was two miles from my work. Now that was a treat!  When we arrived, we had a pleasant conversation, a tour of the home and grounds and the owner …

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