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Getting Ready to Roam

Our Plans for the Summer – Included a lot of travel to house sits: north from California to Oregon, east to Colorado and back west to Oregon. Then, in September, down to Los Angeles for a wedding and finally out to Arizona for another house sit. Hotels could not be part of our budget since …

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Short or Long – Which is Better?

House Sits That Is – We started this house-sitting Odyssey as our way to move away from our life in Los Angeles: work-a-day, congested, busy, high rents, etc. We had different goals in mind than other house sitters. Most are moving towards something they want like travel, adventure, new places and people. That’s all great, …

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Home is Where the Heart Is, Right?

First, a Three-Day House Sit – Our 15th was a mini, only three days. The real boon, other than the sweet dogs, was that the house was two miles from my work. Now that was a treat!  When we arrived, we had a pleasant conversation, a tour of the home and grounds and the owner …

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Doubt Comes a Calling – We Answer

We Did What? Growing up during the space race one could get used to the sight of rockets launching into space. Maybe for us, it became a subconscious benchmark for how things should go. However, our house-sitting adventure was not launching at rocket speed. Would we ever reach orbital velocity? After two house sits, we had nothing booked for the …

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Downsizing – Loosening the Ties that Bind

Downsizing to a 10 x 10 Storage Unit? No problem. Since we only had a one-bedroom apartment, we thought it would be easy. We had worked hard not to fill it to the rafters, and it didn’t look like we owned that much. We had moved from a two-bedroom apartment a year earlier, so we …

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