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House Sitting in Sisters, Oregon

Our New World! It was snow-covered, freezing, and exquisitely beautiful! It took us 20 minutes to traverse the snowy frozen driveway from hell (our Camry must have wondered what we were getting it into). But our reward was the grand house we’d be living in for the next two weeks. That looks like something we …

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Four Days in Palm Desert, CA

It’s Golf Cart Country! If you are house sitting Palm Desert, it’s likely you’ll be living on a golf course. At least, that was the case for us. We had stayed at this house previously way back at the start of our house-sitting career, and we enjoyed seeing the homeowners and their dog once again. …

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Two Weeks in La Quinta, CA

Welcome to the Slobber Fest! Here’s our new friend, a gregarious fellow with a gigantic tongue! Oh my, did he love licking humans! If you sat still for five seconds or put your face anywhere near him, you were getting wet, that’s all there was to it.  This fellow was a lover boy from minute one, …

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Dog Sitting in Ojai, Ca

  It’s Holiday Time in Ojai! Isn’t that a sweet visual? I saw this tree out in the middle of nowhere and had to get a photo. Someone came out there and put bulbs all over a random tree. When we walked Ojai’s main drag, we saw it was all decked out for the holidays, …

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A Roaming Duo Find Happy Valley

Las Vegas to Sacramento! Fun times on Interstate 15 through Baker and Barstow and then over to Bakersfield on Highway 58. Has anyone done that lovely stretch of road? Wow! You’re not missing much except maybe the windmills near Tehachapi!

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