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Blueberries and Baby Dolls in Dallas

And on the Third Day – Well, our third day at our first house sit in Oregon, we found a nearby farm that sold u-pick blueberries, and we were off! Neither of us had ever seen blueberries growing, rows and rows of six-foot high bushes, all different varieties, some ripe some not yet. It was a …

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House Sitting in Dallas – Oregon not Texas

Our First House Sit in Oregon – We were so happy to be in a new State and such a terrific house with truly fantastic creatures; one dog and three cats. Our host departed mid-day after we visited a while with her brothers and next-door neighbor – characters all and such fun!

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Leaving Shangri-La – Farewell to Ojai

Well, At Least for a While – Yes, another return visit to Ojai with the two Shih Tzu ladies. What’s great about return visits is you know the home, the pets, the neighborhood, and the homeowner is less nervous about the situation because they know and trust you. Clearly, the learning curve is shorter or …

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Happy Cocker Spaniels Get a House Sitter

Water, Water, Everywhere – If you don’t see something often, it can be impressive when you do. At this house sit (near Sacramento) the impressive thing was water.  There were ponds, rivers, lakes, standing water in the fields, and an incredible rainstorm. The drought affected this area too but compared to dry Los Angeles it seemed like …

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Roaming Around in Shangri-La

Another House Sit in Ojai – Here we were back in Ojai for our 13th house sit and the second from a personal referral. We had come for the meet and greet a few weeks earlier and had agreed to do the house sit.  The owners were heading out in their RV and could have …

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