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Dog Sitting in Redondo Beach, CA

What a Life! First, we had weeks with no house sits and tons of worry and doubt. Then we had several weeks with two overlapping stays miles and miles apart. Unbelievable!  Jim strapped his bike on a borrowed car and took off for the house in Palm Desert. I left Palm Desert and took the house near …

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30 Days in the California Desert

Palm Desert That is! House sits are usually planned around firm dates; this one was scheduled to accommodate the due dates of two expected grandchildren. That meant the dates were open, and we agreed to be on call.

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House Sitting on Malibu Beach

We Did Good! There we were in an enormous three-story house on the beach! The weather was as gorgeous as the house and setting. What is there not to like about watching the sun rise and set over the ocean from a private balcony, walking on the beach and hitting the hot tub?  We were …

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House Sitting – How It Works

We field many questions about house sitting; what it’s like, what’s involved, do you like it, how do you find house sits? Here, though distilled, are tidbits we think are relevant and important to share. Others have been at this longer and might say more or say it better. All respect. We’re new enough to …

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