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Summer Rolls Along in Dallas

Another Edition from Dallas! Yes, we’re still here! It’s always time for a colorful photo of flowers, right! We do have plenty of other things to tell about from our time at this terrific house. We seem to take pictures either around the house or out on day trips, never just around town running errands …

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Back to Pet Sitting in Dallas, Oregon

It Must be Summer – If we’re in Dallas, Oregon! Here’s a quick reminder about this house and the pets, so familiar to us by now. During our two stays last year totaling about six weeks there were three cats and one female black Labrador that we came to love. 

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A Short Visit to a Tall Mountain

Spring Has Arrived! Finally, spring was showing its glory all around us. My favorite flower in the whole world was blooming right out the front window – lilacs! They didn’t have a strong aroma, but they were lovely nonetheless.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Our House Sit in the Hills! One day while searching through the housesitting websites, I saw a posting on one of the house sitting websites and after looking at the photos simply had to apply. We didn’t need to cover the dates, but the place seemed like a treasure not to be missed. It was one …

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Other Interests – We Do Have Some

All Day with Nothing to Do? It hasn’t happened yet, though it might, that it takes all day to tend to our house-sitting chores: the cleaning, the pet care, dog walks and lining up future house sits. Some of the homes we’ve stayed in are enormous with quite a few pets. Still, we usually end up …

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