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Our First House Sit in Shangri-La

Ojai, California –  “Nestled in a valley at the foot of the TopaTopa Mountains, some 80 miles north of Los Angeles, the sleepy town of Ojai has a well-deserved reputation as California’s very own Shangri-La… with its fabled electromagnetic forces, hidden hot springs, and jaw-dropping sunsets (known locally as “pink moments”). Vogue, Oct 19, 2015.

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One Sits Here, One Sits There

Two at a Time! Remember the childhood game of Tag? Base huggers would stay close to base avoiding the tag. More adventurous players would strike out for some distant hiding place imagining that whoever was ‘it’ would find someone a little closer to tag. Full-time house sitting means you never have a base. A temporary …

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Where the Wild Turkeys Roam

In Sacramento – Our Sixth House Sit! I spent a week in a beautiful home with a terrific dog, six hours north of Los Angeles, and Angela spent it mostly in hotels 500 miles away. We thought she would be able to come up as well, but we couldn’t make it work. 

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Dog Sitting in Redondo Beach, CA

What a Life! First, we had weeks with no house sits and tons of worry and doubt. Then we had several weeks with two overlapping stays miles and miles apart. Unbelievable!  Jim strapped his bike on a borrowed car and took off for the house in Palm Desert. I left Palm Desert and took the house near …

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How Much Do You Charge? What!

Do We Leave a Bill? We started house sitting as a means to an end. We have no home of our own and need somewhere to live, and house sitting fills the bill, so to speak. But we don’t leave a bill for our services nor do we pay a bill for living in a …

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