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Roaming in Southern California

First We Had to Get There! We departed the lovely town of Laughlin, Nevada quite early headed to Los Angeles. Once we left civilization, we found a dreary and foggy morning for most of the way on Interstate 40. In case we’ve never mentioned it, the road between Laughlin and Los Angeles is one long exercise …

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Where the Wild Things Are

Our House Sit in the Hills! One day while searching through the housesitting websites, I saw a posting on one of the house sitting websites and after looking at the photos simply had to apply. We didn’t need to cover the dates, but the place seemed like a treasure not to be missed. It was one …

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Home is Where the Heart Is, Right?

First, a Three-Day House Sit – Our 15th was a mini, only three days. The real boon, other than the sweet dogs, was that the house was two miles from my work. Now that was a treat!  When we arrived, we had a pleasant conversation, a tour of the home and grounds and the owner …

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Three Little House Sits all in a Row

Our First Return House Sit! Not exactly Groundhog Day, but here we were back in Goleta. Familiar highways heading here, familiar turns to the block, driveway, picket fence, screen door, pets – after so much moving around this was rather comforting. How fantastic to ease back into a familiar situation. We knew the animals, the …

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Dog Sitting in Redondo Beach, CA

What a Life! First, we had weeks with no house sits and tons of worry and doubt. Then we had several weeks with two overlapping stays miles and miles apart. Unbelievable!  Jim strapped his bike on a borrowed car and took off for the house in Palm Desert. I left Palm Desert and took the house near …

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