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Our Household Budget – Wait, What Household?

 Finances, A Dirty Word –  Jim practiced public accounting for many years (quite a while ago). You get right down in people’s stuff doing that. One thing he can share: most people he dealt with lived in a bubble, not of vast wealth, though some did. It’s more that our culture doesn’t encourage openness about …

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How Much Do You Charge? What!

Do We Leave a Bill? We started house sitting as a means to an end. We have no home of our own and need somewhere to live, and house sitting fills the bill, so to speak. But we don’t leave a bill for our services nor do we pay a bill for living in a …

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Downsizing – Loosening the Ties that Bind

Downsizing to a 10 x 10 Storage Unit? No problem. Since we only had a one-bedroom apartment, we thought it would be easy. We had worked hard not to fill it to the rafters, and it didn’t look like we owned that much. We had moved from a two-bedroom apartment a year earlier, so we …

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Shake it Up – Our Personal Earthquake

An Introduction – We had both lived in Los Angeles for too many decades and desperately wanted to shake it up and go somewhere else. Living a simpler life, away from a big city and closer to nature was our goal. We also both wanted freedom from any ‘job.’ 

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