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Giants – Crowns – Wedding Bells

You’ll See the Title Fits – Our second day traveling down the Pacific Coast from Oregon to Southern California began with packing up our camping gear and heading out for Jim’s coffee since we couldn’t cook at the campground. 

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Oregon’s Seven Wonders – Columbia River Gorge

Where Were We Again? Right, in Oregon at Walla Walla Campground and it was time to get going. We packed up nice and early and headed out of the wilderness and back into civilization. We spent a couple of hours on back roads through northeastern Oregon, still on the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway on our way …

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Worst Travel Day Ever

When Dinner at Denny’s Is the best part of the day, that says it all, right? The day started like any other, we broke camp early and headed west through Colorado on Highway 40, aiming to go through the northeastern corner of Utah and then stop for the night somewhere in or near Idaho. We knew …

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Trees, Ferns, Rivers – Welcome to Oregon

Day Three California to Oregon –  We woke up, got the coffee going, packed up everything and started driving. Within an hour, we crossed the State line. Oregon, Yeah! We stopped at a rest area – it had a river, right there at the rest stop! California doesn’t have rest stops like that. We can’t remember the last …

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Our First House Sit in Shangri-La

Ojai, California –  “Nestled in a valley at the foot of the TopaTopa Mountains, some 80 miles north of Los Angeles, the sleepy town of Ojai has a well-deserved reputation as California’s very own Shangri-La… with its fabled electromagnetic forces, hidden hot springs, and jaw-dropping sunsets (known locally as “pink moments”). Vogue, Oct 19, 2015.

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