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Joshua Tree – Our Return Visit

Finding a Camping Spot  – is not easy when you arrive at Joshua Tree National Park late in the afternoon! It was pretty frustrating as most of the campgrounds were full. The few spots we did find, we didn’t want, and apparently, no one else did either.  After driving through four campgrounds, we finally found …

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Joshua Tree National Park – You’ve Got to Go

Joshua Tree National Park – was only an hour away. We’d checked on that before our departure from La Quinta. It was late in the afternoon by the time we finished our house sit, and we set off on our way to Nevada by way of Joshua Tree and the one campground at the southern …

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Visiting the Mecca Wilderness and Salton Sea

  Two Strange Trips – Yes, we’ll take you to the Mecca Wilderness a bit later, have no fear. While we were house sitting in La Quinta, the homeowner had arranged for a cleaning service to come and clean the house. We had no objections! Just one problem, the cleaners didn’t like the dog – …

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Valley of Fire State Park – Put It On Your List!

Valley of Fire State Park – was our destination as we drove northeast from Lake Mead in Nevada. We had heard great things about the place from a friend. While driving, we suddenly saw a few sandstone hills like these, in the middle of nowhere.  After a few miles, we saw more of those big …

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The Tufa at Mono Lake – Amazing

Which Way To Go? At the bottom of the Tioga Pass, on the east end, the road ends at Hwy 395. That means a choice has to be made. When we got there we flipped a coin and decided to head south to June Lake, not knowing anything about it. Something new was waiting: what …

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