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Venturing South on the Oregon Coast

Searching For the Sun! House sitting on the Oregon Coast during winter meant we didn’t see the sun very often. We agreed that whenever we saw the sun for more than an instant, we would venture out. That happened about every two weeks, and we would grab our jackets, jump in the car and head …

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Thanksgiving 2016

This is our first time dealing with a holiday as bloggers. It’s a bit tricky. Do you wish people a Happy Thanksgiving? Do we ignore it since it’s not politically popular? What to do? Our solution – gather some beautiful nature photos from Pixabay and hope they bring a sense of relaxation and beauty whether …

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A Brief Nature Fix

  We were still newbies to Oregon. Perhaps, coming so recently from dry Southern California (is that redundant?) we were easily impressed by what is run-of-the-mill in wet and green Oregon, even though locals swear there’s a drought! Most of the photos here were taken in rest areas! Side-of-the-road, stop-and-stretch spots, on minor roads at that. …

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Other Interests – We Do Have Some

All Day with Nothing to Do? It hasn’t happened yet, though it might, that it takes all day to tend to our house-sitting chores: the cleaning, the pet care, dog walks and lining up future house sits. Some of the homes we’ve stayed in are enormous with quite a few pets. Still, we usually end up …

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