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10 Essential Items for House Sitting

At Least For Us! Just like most travelers, we bring all our personal stuff. But with house sitting we’re not exactly traveling, and not exactly home. Here are some of the things we bring with us because of the unique demands of our new lifestyle. The list is in order of importance to us, first …

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The Invisible Cat – in Burbank, Ca

Everything is New – With only one house sit under our belt, we were on the steep part of the learning curve. Our second house sit brought a few firsts: the first face-to-face interview with a homeowner, our first signed house sitting contract, first overlap (by one day) first time arriving after the owner had departed, …

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Downsizing – Loosening the Ties that Bind

Downsizing to a 10 x 10 Storage Unit? No problem. Since we only had a one-bedroom apartment, we thought it would be easy. We had worked hard not to fill it to the rafters, and it didn’t look like we owned that much. We had moved from a two-bedroom apartment a year earlier, so we …

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