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Dog Sitting in Ojai, Ca

  It’s Holiday Time in Ojai! Isn’t that a sweet visual? I saw this tree out in the middle of nowhere and had to get a photo. Someone came out there and put bulbs all over a random tree. When we walked Ojai’s main drag, we saw it was all decked out for the holidays, …

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Back to Cat Sitting in Shangri-La

“Where’s the Frying Pan?”         “It’s Packed Up.”  “But we’re not leaving til Sunday.”             “I don’t want to forget it.” “But we won’t forget it.”                           “I know, it’s packed already.” Grrrr. House sitting, the way …

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Returning to Shangri-La

For a House Sit in Ojai! After our four-month journey around the western US, we were back in Southern California for an extended period. It was the longest either of us had been away from Los Angeles – ever. It was nice to be in familiar territory again. We had spent more time in Ojai …

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Leaving Shangri-La – Farewell to Ojai

Well, At Least for a While – Yes, another return visit to Ojai with the two Shih Tzu ladies. What’s great about return visits is you know the home, the pets, the neighborhood, and the homeowner is less nervous about the situation because they know and trust you. Clearly, the learning curve is shorter or …

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Cat Sitting in Shangri-La

Ojai is Not a Large Town – But we didn’t realize just how small it is until one day we realized we kept waking up there, day after day. Given its size is there any reason we would keep landing in Ojai when all we’ve done is bounce around everywhere else? We remembered that all …

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