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Oregon’s Seven Wonders – The Wallowas

Good Bye Idaho! Our journey began at our lovely hotel by the Boise Airport. We started out heading west on Interstate 84, ugh.  Since we had driven farther than planned the previous day, had a few days before starting our house sit, and might never be this way again, we decided what the hell – let’s …

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Rain Chasing Us Across Oregon

Our Route to Colorado?  We decided to go through central Oregon and over the Cascade Mountains to Idaho. We had been in northern, southern and western parts of Oregon, but never to the east.  This way we could take in all the mountains, forests, rivers and towns along Hwy 20 and beyond. The other name …

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A Brief Nature Fix

  We were still newbies to Oregon. Perhaps, coming so recently from dry Southern California (is that redundant?) we were easily impressed by what is run-of-the-mill in wet and green Oregon, even though locals swear there’s a drought! Most of the photos here were taken in rest areas! Side-of-the-road, stop-and-stretch spots, on minor roads at that. …

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Blueberries and Baby Dolls in Dallas

And on the Third Day – Well, our third day at our first house sit in Oregon, we found a nearby farm that sold u-pick blueberries, and we were off! Neither of us had ever seen blueberries growing, rows and rows of six-foot high bushes, all different varieties, some ripe some not yet. It was a …

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House Sitting in Dallas – Oregon not Texas

Our First House Sit in Oregon – We were so happy to be in a new State and such a terrific house with truly fantastic creatures; one dog and three cats. Our host departed mid-day after we visited a while with her brothers and next-door neighbor – characters all and such fun!

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