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Our Oregon Summer – Part 2

Our 20th House Sit – We were back for the second leg of our house sit in Dallas. (You can read the first one here) After greetings and some settling in, our first order of business was getting a new windshield. We called a mobile repair service, and after a couple of hours and a …

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Oregon’s Seven Wonders – Columbia River Gorge

Where Were We Again? Right, in Oregon at Walla Walla Campground and it was time to get going. We packed up nice and early and headed out of the wilderness and back into civilization. We spent a couple of hours on back roads through northeastern Oregon, still on the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway on our way …

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Oregon’s Seven Wonders – The Wallowas

Good Bye Idaho! Our journey began at our lovely hotel by the Boise Airport. We started out heading west on Interstate 84, ugh.  Since we had driven farther than planned the previous day, had a few days before starting our house sit, and might never be this way again, we decided what the hell – let’s …

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Rain Chasing Us Across Oregon

Our Route to Colorado?  We decided to go through central Oregon and over the Cascade Mountains to Idaho. We had been in northern, southern and western parts of Oregon, but never to the east.  This way we could take in all the mountains, forests, rivers and towns along Hwy 20 and beyond. The other name …

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A Brief Nature Fix

  We were still newbies to Oregon. Perhaps, coming so recently from dry Southern California (is that redundant?) we were easily impressed by what is run-of-the-mill in wet and green Oregon, even though locals swear there’s a drought! Most of the photos here were taken in rest areas! Side-of-the-road, stop-and-stretch spots, on minor roads at that. …

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