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Two House Sits and a Ton of Rain

This Post Picks Up right after our escape from Mendocino National Forest, our most harrowing experience together. Somehow we kept it together, arrived on time at our next house sit in Sacramento and started off with a smile if still a little shaken.

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Happy Cocker Spaniels Get a House Sitter

Water, Water, Everywhere – If you don’t see something often, it can be impressive when you do. At this house sit (near Sacramento) the impressive thing was water.  There were ponds, rivers, lakes, standing water in the fields, and an incredible rainstorm. The drought affected this area too but compared to dry Los Angeles it seemed like …

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Where the Wild Turkeys Roam

In Sacramento – Our Sixth House Sit! I spent a week in a beautiful home with a terrific dog, six hours north of Los Angeles, and Angela spent it mostly in hotels 500 miles away. We thought she would be able to come up as well, but we couldn’t make it work. 

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