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Reno to Sonoma for Two Cats

Sonoma Here We Come! Our time in Reno and Lake Tahoe came to an end and we departed early to begin the long trip over the Sierra Nevada Mountains for the second time in two days. Our destination – Sonoma, caring for two sweet cats! It was freezing as we traveled up the steep incline …

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Returning to Sonoma and Vancouver

Some Things You Just Don’t Want to Know “Master.” “Yes, Grasshopper” “How do we find true knowledge?” “Ask real questions, grasshopper. However, there is one  question you should never ask.” “What is it, Master?“ “You’ll know it after you ask it and you won’t like the answer!”

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House Sitting Two Cats in Sonoma

Our First Time in Wine Country! But first, we had to dance a little jig – meaning I leave early from Ojai, and Jim follows later in the day since the dates overlapped a bit. As arranged with the homeowner, I arrived a few hours after their departure.  It worked because we had two cars, had …

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