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Trees, Ferns, Rivers – Welcome to Oregon

Day Three California to Oregon –  We woke up, got the coffee going, packed up everything and started driving. Within an hour, we crossed the State line. Oregon, Yeah! We stopped at a rest area – it had a river, right there at the rest stop! California doesn’t have rest stops like that. We can’t remember the last …

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Camping Under the Tree of Heaven

Day Two of our Trip – from California to Central Oregon. Glad to say our first time sleeping in the tent on the ground went okay. We were just a bit stiff upon waking, but who isn’t at this age! 

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A Roaming Duo Leaving Los… Angeles

Goodbye, Southern California – We spent our last week in Los Angeles at a hotel, close to our storage unit as we still had a lot to figure out. The cooler was massive, needed to be accessible, and once full, completely immovable. That added some complication to the packing. The car would be full and weighed …

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10 Essential Items for House Sitting

At Least For Us! Just like most travelers, we bring all our personal stuff. But with house sitting we’re not exactly traveling, and not exactly home. Here are some of the things we bring with us because of the unique demands of our new lifestyle. The list is in order of importance to us, first …

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How Much Do You Charge? What!

Do We Leave a Bill? We started house sitting as a means to an end. We have no home of our own and need somewhere to live, and house sitting fills the bill, so to speak. But we don’t leave a bill for our services nor do we pay a bill for living in a …

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