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A Roaming Duo in Distress

Dealing with Sudden Changes! Our last post ended with the news of losing three weeks of housing in Portland since the owners had to return home early. They graciously supplied us with a hotel room for three nights and also offered to let us stay in their sister’s house near Phoenix, Arizona after that. We thought we …

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Returning to Sonoma and Vancouver

Some Things You Just Don’t Want to Know “Master.” “Yes, Grasshopper” “How do we find true knowledge?” “Ask real questions, grasshopper. However, there is one  question you should never ask.” “What is it, Master?“ “You’ll know it after you ask it and you won’t like the answer!”

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House Sits in Vancouver and Corvallis

Our First Time in Washington! Okay, we were only ten minutes from the State line and close to Portland, but still. The passage across the Columbia River is impressive, crossing over a classic green steel bridge, high above the water. We tried to get photos but it was raining every single time, and you can’t stop …

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