The New Digs in Lincoln City

Sign stating Lincoln City is at the 45th Parallel

I Love This Sign!

Yes, our new home was at the halfway point between the north pole and the equator and let’s just say it felt closer to the north pole than the equator! 

Lincoln City, Oregon lies almost at the midpoint of the Oregon Coast and has, shall we say, rather wet winters with between 65 to 90 inches of rain per year! With miles of beach and coastline and many beautiful and exciting places to visit, it is one of the most popular visitor destinations on the Oregon Coast and has more than 2,000 hotel rooms even though it’s a small town!

large trees outside a windowWe are not so much complaining as sharing since this was the view out our bedroom window! One thing that we found interesting was that it could be 50 degrees by 8:00 am and then only get colder as the day progressed. Coastal living!

Since we arrived in winter, it rained almost every day and was often quite windy with the temperature hovering in the 40s and low 50s most of the time. We also had more than a few hail storms during our stay. Even so, we did see the sun for a few hours every week.

a small front yard filled with bushes and a birdfeeder

Our 34th House Sit

Brought our crazy December to a close. We had moved so many times in the last month it was a blessing to know that was over for a while. This stay was to be four or five months long, and the owner would be out of contact for long stretches since she was going down to South America – on a motorcycle – by herself! 

The view from the front window was filled with trees and the house, perched on the hillside, had three bedrooms, a small yard, and a second-story deck with forest on two sides. There were other houses on our street, but they were in back of us, opposite the windows. It felt and looked like we lived in a forest – so beautiful and peaceful.

view down a driveway into tall trees

The view of the neighbor’s yard and the forest. We met that neighbor and spoke a few times. We learned one fascinating thing. He was a ‘bounty hunter’ part time and explained to us that Oregon is an “End State.” You can figure it out.   

Two Raccoons on a drivewayIt turned out that this window was the perfect spot for watching the local wildlife! One morning I saw them! Raccoons running down the driveway – it was great fun watching them scamper around. 

four deer eating grass

I know the photos aren’t great, but you get the idea! We saw deer all the time.

The Creatures Inside the House – Five Indoor Cats!

close up of a cat on a keyboard getting affection

Cat Number One

Since they need names for the blog, we chose to call them after a few of the seven dwarfs. We’re calling this lady – Happy – since she was. She was very friendly from the minute we arrived, and it never changed. Her owner said there would never be enough cuddles for Happy, and boy was she right.

She would sit on us or our stuff, wherever we were, and would do anything to be close. Seriously, she even followed me into the bathroom several times a day. She was the most social of the group and physically the smallest. Such an affectionate girl.a large cat sitting in a kitchen sink

Cat Number Two

We’re naming her sister, Doc, as she thought she was in charge of the others and was the largest of the group. At times she was quite Grumpy, especially to the other cats, but Doc is the kinder name. I found her in the kitchen sink a few times! 

For the first few days, she was a bit standoffish but always in the same room as us. She wanted attention but in the regular cat way, not like her sister. We found out pretty quickly that she enjoyed playing with string and water! She also loved sleeping! Her favorite spot – two cats sleeping together on a sofa

A heating pad on one of the couches! She believed it was her personal property. ‘Doc’s place,’ or at least that’s how she saw it. She would growl and scratch at the others if they had any notion that it might be a good sleeping spot for them even if she wasn’t occupying the spot. She would sometimes share it with her sister, but none of the others ever got to sleep there.a gorgeous cat looking in through a small window

Cat Number Three

There was also a male Ragdoll who we named Sneezy because of his allergies, and you guessed it – constant sneezing. He was the youngest of the group at seven-years-old. His owner found him crying in a field as a kitten.

For the first few days, he came to see us off and on during the day but was shy and a bit reclusive. He spent much of his time in his owner’s bedroom. One of his favorite places was out on the balcony when it wasn’t raining. What a handsome guy!a rather chunky cat sitting

Cat Number Four

The other set of siblings – a brother and sister were found in a field as kittens. We’ve named this guy Sleepy as, you guessed it, he liked to sleep. This poor guy had quite the start in life which left him with a shortened tail, a limp, and some strange behaviors. He was also very portly and between the big belly and the limp was quite the sight!

During our visits before the house sit, we never even saw him since he was hiding. That meant our first real meeting was when we moved in! He hid under the covers in the owner’s bed for the first week and did not come out of that room! He had food and the litter box in there, but what a recluse he was.

The second week, we saw him each evening for a while. He was very skittish and wouldn’t let us touch him much, but was interested in hanging out near the rest of the feline inhabitants of the house.

a cat sitting on a chair but watching carefully

Cat Number Five

The fifth critter in our care was Sleepy’s sister, Bashful. She was also found in a field, but a week or so after her brother so she was quite feral. Her owner had never been able to touch her except for a vet trip. She apparently lived her life always just out of reach of humans.

For the first week, she hid all the time. We had to feed her in the bedroom, or she wouldn’t have gotten any food. Truly, she was not coming out of that room!

After about a week, she began peeking out at us. We spoke softly to her, but if we moved at all, she would bolt and return to her hiding place. She was the original scaredy cat.a tree trunk in the shape of a Y

Why Did We Start a Blog?

We’re sure you are all wondering how and why we started a blog. We’ve decided to fill you in on the story since we don’t seem the type for this sort of thing, at least we didn’t think we were. 

The first time the idea came up was during a conversation with my sons. I was telling stories of our adventures, and my eldest suggested we create a blog since he thought people would love hearing our stories – I completely ignored the suggestion. The scene repeated a few months later, and that’s when I mentioned the idea to Jim. 

a small tree growing out of a downed stump

We also noticed that many homeowners were very intrigued with our new life. By then this all seemed relatively normal to us. Others found it an unusual, even rather bold thing to do. We got lots of questions. Perhaps folks would like to learn more. Oh well, we don’t think of ourselves as special, neither of us is particularly good at writing, and we knew nothing about blogs. But then why should any of that stop us? Goodness knows people have built things on less. Why not. Now we’re intrigued!  

We agreed right away that if we did create a blog, we wanted our stories to have some redeeming quality like being useful or helpful to others, or at the very least be entertaining. Maybe sharing our story could encourage others to let go of some part of the everyday grind.  

ripples in dry sand

How We Started the Blog

First, we had to find out if we had anything to say. In other words, we had to start documenting our travels and adventures. It took quite a few weeks to remember what happened where, when, and with whom. We both started scratching out whatever we could remember. We consulted our calendars and phones for help. 

After several weeks, we each had pages and pages of very rough drafts. I insisted we had to write 100 draft posts before even considering publishing anything. I didn’t ever want to be in the situation where we had three days or even a week to get a post out – too much stress, not fun and not going to do it, period.

a rainbow above some trees

A Lot of Time and Work

While all this was going on, I started reading about blogging. You know ‘The Idiots Guide to Blogging”, etc. How to do it, what programs to use, why you should not use the free sites, how a blog can take over your life. It was overwhelming, to say the least, and took over our lives!

We’re mentioning all this now as we were at this house when we agreed to do it. We were ready to sign up and do this thing. That’s when we realized we needed a name for ourselves. Well, that took some time, and we had to try several before we found one that wasn’t already taken – a roaming duo. We also signed a three-year agreement with Blue Host, paid the $150.00 hosting fee, and downloaded, which is a free program. We had all the tools. Now, we needed to get to work and get started!

a man standing at the beach in a jacket

Since we wanted to add photographs into each post, we quickly realized we had a problem. We had just been living our life and had never been photo crazy. That was a blow to me, I wanted decent photographs and didn’t have many at all.

That meant reading about how to use websites with free photos. I also began taking hundreds of pictures with my iPhone, and we made quite a few outings around Lincoln City with the sole purpose of taking pictures! Okay, now you know. Let’s move on!

a woman standing at the beach all bundled up

See, there’s the ocean. A few days after our arrival, on New Years’ Eve no less, we bundled up and ventured out to the beach since it was only a mile away. It was a lovely way to welcome the new year. But it was windy, and we froze in the cold air blowing off the ocean! Even with two layers of everything, top to bottom, after 15 minutes we’d had our fill. 

We have much more to share about this house, the cats, and our various adventures along the Oregon Coast. So, please stay tuned!

What’s Next – A few adventures on the coast

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