Winter Holidays 2016

man standing next to life-sized Nutcracker

Jim found a friend during our travels.


The snowflake in all its glory!


Someday we’ll get a real camera with all those fancy lenses. Until then, here are some photos from Pixabay that we love. We don’t have many ‘winter’ photos – yet.

snow covered trees beside a lake

Is that gorgeous or what!

a deer in the snow


a squirrel in the snow


a winter lake landscape


robin on a snow covered branch


two white horses pulling a sleigh in the snow

Happy Holidays to All!

tiny buds on a twig in winter

What’s Next – Back to our Lincoln City cat sitting

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  1. Knowing you, as I do, from your days at the school (both Angela and Jim) I see the same depth of caring in your blog — through its excellent photos and posts — that I’ve come to realize you bring to everything you do. (Perhaps the most lovely thing to see in people.). Thank you for sharing this — such a gift to feel like I’ve just seen incredibly gorgeous wonders of beauty in person! Much love, Amy. Oh! Yes, and Happy Holidays to you, and all, too. 🙂

    1. Amy
      Thanks so much for the kind words. Now, that’s a great way to start a day!
      Glad you enjoyed the pics. We are blessed to constantly be in beautiful places. Good to share, right?
      Best wishes to you for the Holidays.
      J and A

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